V Rising Get Fish Oil, Craft Fishing Rod & How To Do Fishing

V Rising

Do vampires devour fishes rather than fancying human blood? No. In V Rising, vampires do not devour fish yet fishing is just as valuable as raiding. Fish bones, scales, and oils help vampires craft different stuff either for upgrading gear, defense or for making other kinds of items like mosquito nets and spiderlings. Nevertheless, like a humane old fishing technique, you need to have a fishing bar and that’s all you need to craft, so let’s get started.

Tools required before fishing in V Rising

In V rising, against your will, you cannot fish with your bare hands. You need to make a fish rod. As usual, before crafting any material in V Rising you should know its recipe. Here, you need to defeat Rufus the Foreman, a level 20 boss, to unlock the Woodworking bench that contains the recipe to craft a fishing pole. (In V Rising words, you need to drink the Boss’ blood…. Just a vampire thing)

After setting the Woodworking bench, you are able to craft a fishing pole using these artifacts:

  • Copper ingots(x4)- smelt copper ores in the furnace to copper ingots meanwhile copper
    ores can be found in abundance in Farbane Woods.
  • Coarse threads(x4)- they are found in barrels or chests in Bandit Camps or from bandits
    when defeated or raided.
  • Planks(x8)- chop down some trees using your axe to get blocks of wood, and put them on the
    sawmill and create some planks.

Once you have reached these items, you can now craft a Fishing rod on the crafting table.

How to Fish in V Rising

In V Rising specifically, you have to reach certain spots to catch fish. There are spots of frothy water in rivers and ponds. As you have previously crafted the fishing pole, aim it at the frothy spots and right-click on it. This will make the vampire throw the rod into the water (there are no provisions of bait, you can fish without any bait). Wait for a while when your rod will start glowing, left click just then to recoil. A swift light will indicate that you have grabbed a fish.

Fishing Spots in V Rising: –

These are the places you should look for:

  • Dunley Farmlands (2 fishing spots)
  • Farbane Woods (6 fishing spots)
  • Hallowed Mountain (2 fishing spots)
  • Silverlight Hills (5 fishing spots)

Fishes with benefits in V Rising: –

  • Twilight Snapper-found in the Farbane Woods; yields scales used for amours.
  • Golden River Bass and Fierce Stinger- found in Silverlight hills
  • Blood Snapper and Swamp Dwellers-found in Cursed Forest

Golden River Bass and Blood Snapper are used to make mosquitoes and spiderlings to change
your blood type where as Fierce Stinger and Swamp Dweller are used to make witch-potions
and a portion of rage to increase spell and physical power respectively.

How to get Fish oil in V Rising

Fish oil is an important resource in V Rising; used to convert leathers and upgrade gear to its max. Here you will get to know how to get fish oil by farming.

Once you have collected fishes, throw them into the Devourer which will convert them into Fish oil, bones, and scales.

This is one way. The other way is that you can loot fish oils from various crates within villages or if a player has progressed enough, he/she can have abilities to receive Fish Oil as a drop by defeating specific creatures.

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