V Rising How to Siege Castles and Raid using Siege Golem

V Rising

This guide will tell you, how to Siege & raid a castle using siege stone golems in V Rising. Know how to loot from your enemies and sidewise strategies you base to prevent them from Sieging.

Raiding is the big cheese of V Rising. It is the best content of the game because on a higher note if you develop your skills of Sieging castle and you get to your max level and defeat all the main bosses you are going to fight over soul shards; a powerful artifact and whoever possesses all four is named as the Dracula of the server. Raiding is fun and misery for enemies. The hard-earned loot they possessed shall be all yours before the sun rises. So, let’s get started.

How to Siege in V Rising

But yeah, tarry a little. Before sieging a castle you need to know what all you need for a successful Siege. It can be explosives or a siege golem. The Siege Golem has more leverage over explosives due to its mega structure and ruthless moves or spells to critically damage the walls of the opponent’s base. First, start with weaker forts having impuissant aegis. Nevertheless, you will get to know how to siege tougher forts with due experience.

Building the siege golem in V Rising

As you know every ability in V Rising is unlocked by defeating the respective boss. Here you need to defeat Terah, the Geomancer, a level 48 boss that unlocks the recipe to construct the siege golem. For making the siege golem stone, you need:

  • 200 stone bricks: break some stones and put them down on the ground, you will get those
  • 200 gem dust: get some gems and break them to get gem dust
  • 16 Scourgestones: you can get it as a drop from mobs in cemetery places like the Ancient villages or the Church of the Damned. Unless, you can craft it using whetstone, glass, and grave dust.
  • 12 Greater Blood Essence: you can use the hearts to make it or you can defeat Tristin,
    the Vampire Hunter and coagulate the small blood essence drops into larger ones using
    blood press.

Now once you get hold of these, you are ready to craft the stone. Get a Gem Cutting Table and craft the Golem stone. That’s all.

After you create the siege golem stone, choose your target to activate the golem (in other words, summon him). The place needed to be chosen wisely because after it is summoned it only stays alive for 300 seconds. The summoning takes 150 seconds. These points are vividly mentioned in the recipe for crafting golems.

Things you need to keep in mind while summoning:

When the summoning process is activated, it pings throughout the whole server and lets your enemies know that you are going to siege. Besides, the map will of course show where you are summoning the golem. The process can be intervened and the stone might get destroyed before summoning.

Who’s gonna do that? It can be by your server friends or might be your righteous contender. Whosoever it is, just buckles up for a fight to protect the golem. Once it is summoned it appears with a massive blackened body with red blood marks all over it. Only one player can take control over the golem.

Abilities of Golem in V Rising

It has only 5 minutes lifetime. You need to work faster. Once the castle is sieged you can get back to your original vampire form for loot. Take some explosives as well, it might work as a defense. It has three spells:

  • A basic attack
  • Foot slam
  • Hand arch swing

That’s all. Use the abilities, break walls, and siege castles because looting is fun.

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