V Rising- How To Move Castle Heart

V RisingIn V Rising moving your castle heart is necessary because as you progress through the game, you will learn in depth about it and to get better resources or for faster traveling, you need to place the castle near the cave passage. Placing a castle near a waygate is not beneficial as players won’t be able to carry resources in the inventory and use the fast travel. Below you will find a way how to move your castle heart in V Rising.

How to Move Your Castle Heart in V Rising

Relocating your castle heart can be quite a tedious task for players who already have a well-built castle. To move your castle heart, players need to destroy all the structures and buildings including walls and floors. Then finally dismantle the castle heart and place it where you want to move.

Before moving the castle heart make sure all your structures are dismantled including the heart, else players will not be able to relocate. To dismantle your structures you need to press the build button “B” and hover your mouse above the structure you need to dismantle then press Spacebar.

You can place change the position of the castle heart if you increase your territory else to move your castle to a far away area, you need to dismantle everything. It might be a tedious task as you will not get all the resources back while dismantling your castle.

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