V Rising- How to Craft Dark Silver

V RisingV rising has made its course in making itself perfect gameplay with its adventurous levels and its
fantastic gaming experience. And since the talk is about the “Dark silver”, Gamer bugs, congratulations on being en route to the endgame !! As the level graduates, the enemies become stronger and so arises the need for better weapons and tools in the game. Dark silver is a tier III ingredient in V rising for crafting more durable and stronger weapons.

Crafting Scourgestones

In order to craft Dark silver bars, you need to add the most basic ingredient to the recipe, which is
Scourgestones are tier-II essentials for crafting tools, armor, and weapons. Below is the list of needfuls in the furnace to make scourgestones.

  • Grave dust ×4
  • Sharpening tool ×1
  • Glass ×4

Unlocking Dark Silver Bars In V Rising

To get the Dark Silver Bars recipe, go to your Blood Altar and search for the boss “Octavia the Militia
The boss has a wide range of melees and ranged attacks, possessing some heal and protection spells will help you deal with some of them. He will start his assault by employing two basic moves. A slash that sends out four spinning swords and a sword projectile move. He can be found at the Bastion of Dunley, northeast of Dunley Farmlands. If you defeat him, you’ll gain access to new abilities, the anvil, as well as new armor and weapons and the Dark Silver Ingot formula.

Finding Silver

In order to carry out a successful silver search which is the basic raw material for dark silver bars. Head out to Silverlight Hills. However, if you would like to cultivate silver specifically, you must travel further north. The silver ore-rich location known to be the Sacred Silver Mine would be a jackpot for the silver collection. But keep in mind that, just like with silver, you will likely suffer harm as you mine silver. The quarry is also defended by the church, and there are a few formidable opponents waiting to attack.

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