V Rising- Silver Ore And Where To Farm Them

V RisingGamer bugs, indefinitely we already know the core of V rising since we are talking about
unearthing silver for survival. But for those who are new and wondering what V rising is all about, here’s a small summary for you.

V rising is an immersive and multiplayer survival Action-adventure game, where you are a
weakened vampire who woke up from a long slumber to the hostile world. Now you need to
gather different resources to level up your vitals and make yourself ready for battles, fighting
foes, and building your empire. And out of that valuable stuff, silver ore happens to be the
elixir that’s essentially needed to craft things and weapons.

Silver Ore The Elixir Of V Rising

If you know anything about the vampire world, you’ll know one of the ways humans can sabotage
them is with silver. Silver is hazardous to you in the game, regardless of the amount you have in
your inventory, you will lose health while carrying it. Make sure you’re cautious and have a
strategy for returning to your fortress without dying.

Tips And Tricks To Save Your Silver

It’s inevitable when you’re a Vampire with Silver in your possession. You can avoid the impact
by carrying magical items or drinking a Silver Resistant Potion. Stopping at intervals and
dropping your Silver Ore on the ground is the finest way of carrying it back to base without
having extensive damage and saving your health. After that, you can recover from all of the
Silver’s damage and repeat the procedure. Make use of the cave passageways on the map,
since they will enable you for shorter routes while keeping your resources safe.

Where To Locate And Farm Silver Ore In V Rising

V Rising

The best place to find a rich amount of silver ore in the game is the Silverlight Hills. As the name
suggests the place is densely enriched with silver ore that can be mined. Although there are a
few smaller silver nodes in the vicinity, one of the largest concentrations may be discovered
deep within the “Sacred Silver Mines” in the Silverlight Hills’ northern region which can be your prime location to farm.

But gamers, this easy access to silver will cost you to face a truckload of enemies, who are
around level 60 and more. Keep track of the amount of Silver Ore you have on you because
carrying more will cause you to take damage. You can reduce or nullify the damage by using a potion which is useful when you visit Merchants far away.

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