V Rising- Scourgestone Farming Location

V Rising

Scourgestone in V Rising is a valuable material formed by the mixture of Whetstone(x1), Glass(x3), and Grave dust(x3). It can either be farmed if you know how to craft or can be fished about by the players. If created and maximized, then it is a kind of creating multiple sources of income like making dark Silver Ingot. In this specific post, we will focus on Scourgestone and where are the favorable location to farm them.

How to find Scourgestone in V Rising

The most accurate locations where you can find Scourgestones are the cemetery locations.
Proceed to those places; more specifically check chests, barrels, coffins, and local mobs (they have
drops of Scourgestones).

  • Church of the Damned: It is the primary location where you need to search for
    Scourgestone because this is where you get a little bit more consistent Scourgestones.
    Located in the north of Dunley Farmlands; this place has chests and mobs (mob drop)
    and for sure you will get a handful of Scourgestones.
  • Dunley Monastery: It is located in the west of Dunley Farms. The place is crowded with
    graves, break them and there is a chance that you will get some Scourgestones.
  • Ancient Villages: Mostly in the Cursed Forest you will find Scourgestones scattered all over the area.
  • Utilizing your throne: the reason why this is important is that with your throne you
    can send servants to also get hold of Scourgestones. If you are searching or
    farming or doing both you can send your servants, it would lock the gain in one place,
    you need not to go out in the sun.
Farming of Scourgestones in V Rising

As mentioned earlier, the Scourgestones can be crafted using:

  • Whetstone(x1) you can find it in the Bandit Camps as a drop or in barrels, chests and
  • Glass(x3) crafting glass is a pain. First, you need to mine quartz and then you need to
    craft glass out of it.
  • Grave dust(x3) basically the places where you search for Scourgestone contain the grave
    dust in abundance (that’s how searching is easy than crafting) or you can acquire grave
    dust by throwing bones into the grinder.

You can craft Scourgestones in a furnace (which will be unlocked during the tutorial). A few more links have been mentioned below the description that

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