V Rising- How To Farm Gem Dust And Get Gravedust

V RisingAs we know that V Rising is a story of a weakened vampire who has woken up from his sleep after centuries. Dominating the vast areas will require you to turn humans into loyal servants and craft gears and equipment for yourself and your servants both. Servants are your powerful allies and defender, however crafting new items and gears are equally important which is why we all are grinding items at T1, T2, or T3 areas. In this post, we will focus on Gem Dust specifically and how they can be farmed.

How To Farm Gem Dust In V Rising

Gem Dust particularly can be collected when we deplete or mine crude gemstones. However, the drop rate of Gem Dust is specifically low and it is not a recommended way to farm it. Crude gems such as Topaz, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald can often be mined. Specifically, it is mentioned that 4 Gem Dust is Salvageable if you hover your mouse on Crude Amethyst.

To obtain Gem Dust, you can move to your Castle Heart where you have placed “The Devourer“. Place Crude Amethyst to salvage and obtain the Gem Dust which is a simple and easy process instead of depending on the RNG drop.

How To Farm Gravedust In V Rising

First and foremost Gravedust is an important resource that drops when you defeat enemies such as Ghoul, Skeleton Priest, and Banshee. The drop rate is lower with Ghoul and highest with Banshee. However, instead of relying on RNG again, you can build a “Grinder” in your Heart Castle.

Once you interact with the Grinder, you will notice that you can craft or produce Gravedust with the help of Bones. The normal recipe would be 100 Bones required to craft a single Gravedust. The cost or quantity of Bones required can be decreased by 25% when the floor has matching tiles. Bones can be obtained pretty easily when you defeat the undead or skeletal enemies.

When you have constructed Tomb, you will be able to spawn undead enemies who can drop the resources and in this case, we are talking Gravedust or Bones. So, in an open world, any place that has undead is a nice farming zone where Bones can be collected easily and regarding Gravedust, the chances would be low-high depending on the undead you have encountered.

For more guides on V Rising, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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