V Rising Cave Passage Location and Its Uses

V Rising

In V Rising gathering resources is one of the key factors of the game. While you need to travel to various areas to gather resources, bringing them back to your castle can be a bit of pain. As you cannot use the waygates while holding resources. Fortunately, there is another way through which players can travel around the map carrying resources in their inventory. Players can use the cave passage and below you will find the locations of it.

V Rising How To Use Cave Passage

To locate a cave entrance lookout for:

  • Look for the cracks on the cave-like entrance with red glowing light.
  • Once you get close to the cave passage it will show as a diamond on the map.

Once you enter the cave you will come out on the other side of a cliff and if you jump down from the cliff there is no way to go back up. So most of these caves are only one side. You could go back to the entrance of the cave if you have not jumped down the cliff on the exit side.

V Rising Cave Passage Locations

There are only a few V Rising Cave passages which is another downside compared to Waygates. Try and place your castle somewhere in the territory of one of the entrances.

However, do keep in mind that other players are likely going to be building their own keeps in the general area of the cave passages. So, it’s gonna be a bit tricky to keep all things concerned. The one in Starlight hills is probably one of the best choices to make since it leads you back to the southeast part of the Fabrane woods, and there’s another cave to the north side of cursed woods that leads you back to Fabrane woods.

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