V Rising- Boss Locations For All Blood Ability Tree, Vampire Forms

V RisingIn V Rising, the journey from the weakest to the strongest is not easy as where countless beasts and Vampire Hunters are aware of your existence. Once you defeat an area boss, quenching your thirst will let you absorb a few unique abilities and vampire forms. Defeating certain bosses will allow you to learn specific abilities and vampire forms. We have compiled a small guide where all the boss’s locations and what are they contributing to Ability Tree are mentioned.

Boss Locations For All Blood Ability Tree In V Rising

Blood Tree

  1. Blood Rage:Rufus the Foreman(lvl 20) at Bandit Logging Camp.
  2. Blood Rite: Unlocked from the beginning.
  3. Crimson Aegis:Grayson the Armourer(lvl 27) at Bandit Armory.
  4. Sanguine Coil:Meredith the Bright Archer (lvl 52) at Haunted Iron Mine.
  5. Shadowbolt: Unlocked from the beginning.
  6. Veil of Blood: Unlocked from the beginning.
  7. Crimson Beam:Raziel the Shepherd(lvl 60) who can be found in the Dunley Monastery.
  8. Heart Strike:Willfred the Werewolf Chief (lvl 64) at Gloomgrave Village.

Unholy Tree

  1. Corpse Explosion, Veil of Bones:Goreswine The Ravager(lvl 27) at Desecrated Graveyard.
  2. Pestilence, Ward of the Damned:Nicholaus the Fallen(lvl 37) at Forgotten Cemetery.
  3. Purgatory:Christina the Sun Priestess(lvl 44) at Mosswick Village or nearby stretch to Dawnbreak Village.
  4. Unstable Mosquito:Matka the Curse Weaver(lvl 72) at Nest of the Curse Weaver.
  5. Summon Fallen Angel:Solarus the Immaculate(lvl 80) at Fortress of Light.
  6. Volatile Arachnid:Ungora the Spider Queen(lvl 60) at Spider Cave.

Illusion Tree

  1. Mist Trance:Foulrot the Soultaker(lvl 62) at Ancient Village.
  2. Spectral Assassin:Leandra the Shadow Priestess(lvl 46) at Church of the Damned.
  3. Spectral Wolf, Veil of Illusion:Polora the Feywalker(lvl 34) at Gleaming Meadows.
  4. Wisp Dance:Gorecrusher the Behemoth(lvl 78) at Lair of the Behemoth.
  5. Mirror Strike:Octavia the Militia Captain(lvl 58) at Bastion of Dunley.
  6. Spectral Guardian:Terah the Geomancer (lvl 48) at Bedrock Pass.

Chaos Tree

  1. Aftershock:Errol the Stonebreaker(lvl 20) at Bandit Copper Mine.
  2. Chaos Barrier, Merciless Charge:Quincy the Bandit King(lvl 37) at Bandit Stronghold.
  3. Chaos Volley:Lidia the Chaos Archer(lvl 26) at Bandit Trapper Camp near Farbane Woods Waygate.
  4. Power Surge:Azariel the Sunbringer(lvl 68) at Brighthaven Cathedral.
  5. Void:Morian the Stormwing Matriarch(lvl 68) at Happy Nest.
  6. Veil of Chaos:Clive the Firestarter (lvl 30) at Bandit Sulphur Quarry.
  7. Chaos Barrage:Jade the Vampire Hunter (lvl 62) at Dunley Farmlands somewhere as she roams around a lot.

Frost Tree

  1. Crystal Lance:Mairwyn the Elementalist(lvl 64) at Emberleaf Glove.
  2. Frost Barrier, Veil of Frost:Vincent the Frostbringer(lvl 40) at Militia Encampment i.e. found in the central part of Dunley Farmlands.
  3. Frost Bat:Keely the Frost Archer (lvl 20) at Bandit Trapper Camp.
  4. Ice Nova:Frostmaw the Mountain Terror(lvl 56) roams around at Hallowed Mountains.
  5. Arctic Leap:Terrorclaw the Ogre (lvl 68) at Frozen Cave in the Hallowed Mountains.
  6. Frost Vortex:The Winged Horror(lvl 78) at The Dreaded Peak.
Boss Location For All Vampire Forms In V Rising
  1. Wolf Form: Defeat “Alpha Wolf” on the South And West sides of Wold Den at Farbane Woods near Bandit Logging Camp.
  2. Rat Form: Craft A “Vermin Nest” and gather materials to create the Putrid Rat.
  3. Bat Form:Styx the Sunderer” that roams in the Cursed Forest below the Spider Cave area.
  4. Bear Form: Defeat “Ferocious Bear” can be found in the Bear cave on the South Eastern side of Farbane Woods.
  5. Human Form: Defeat “Beatrice the Tailor” who can be found on the East side of Dunley Farmlands at Dawnbreak Village.
  6. Toad Form: Defeat “Duke of Balaton” who can be found on Swamp of Greed at the edge of the Cursed Forest.

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