Royale High Tips & Tricks for Beginners

royale high

Royale High is a school-themed roleplay and dress-up game. Players are required to dress up, roleplay or interact with other players, and accomplish other gaming tasks in order to level up and earn more diamonds to buy new items and other amazing stuff in the game.

Royale High is divided into several kingdoms, each with its own purpose. These can all be used to talk to other players or roleplay, and some are specifically designed for roleplaying. Also, players can create their characters by selecting clothing, hair, faces, skirts, shoes, wings, and accessories to wear.

In short, Royale High is a quite nice roleplaying game. But, players who are new or beginners to the Royale High game will require some tips in order to level up easily in the game. That is why today in this article, new players or beginner players will get to know about some Royale High game tips.

Tips for Royale High Beginners.

You can teleport to Realms

You can teleport to different realms like Sunset Island, Apartments, The Divinia Park, and many other Realms. By teleporting to different realms, you can find lots of really cool things to explore. I would definitely recommend checking out all realms as they will have many unique things to find and explore.

Within Royale High, realms are separate regions that can be reached by teleportation. These realms also have certain special events that you can participate in to achieve something truly amazing. New players can easily access realms through the Teleport Map.

Know how to be rich

Diamonds are the game’s money, and they can be used to purchase in-game products and participate in other interactive activities. This tip is all about knowing the way to get diamonds and get rich. The one way that’s best suited for beginners to get diamonds is locating all the hidden diamond locations but, there are also some other ways to obtain diamonds too. Like, such as buying diamonds with Robux from the currency shop located above the right-hand side menu, or touching the diamonds icon.

Do Wheel, Fountain, Daily Login, & Sleep

So, this tip is a kind of way to get lots of mini prizes for diamonds. In the game, you get one free spin wheel daily. When you will spin the wheel, you will receive a mini prize. Along with this, there’s also the fountain in the game which gives out diamonds.

You have to daily log in to the game in order to get a daily login reward. And in the end, there is also a sleeping feature in the game using which you earn free XP.

Halos Are Rare

So, this tip is actually about Halos. Halos are actually really rare and you might see a lot of people wearing them sometimes. Halos look expensive and that is why they’re just really rare. Being so expensive and rare, most beginners spend their diamonds to get Halos so that their characters can look rich.

But the thing is that you don’t need Halos in order to make your character look rich. So, in short, you don’t have to spend your diamonds to buy Halos.

Stay updated.

Start using Twitter to stay updated with new updates of games and leaks. A lot of developers do have Twitter to give information regarding the game to the players. Using Twitter is recommended to new players of Royale High because it can be very helpful for them.

Royale High is a community outside of Royale High.

There are tons of Royale High communities outside of the Royale High game. There is a Royale High Instagram community, there is a Royale High Twitter community, there is a Royale High TikTok community, and there is a Royale High Discord community.

So, it’s not just Royale High is a game, Royale High is a whole community of people who come together and share their interests. So it can be helpful if you join the Royale High community from everywhere.

Don’t waste your Diamonds.

This tip is all about not wasting your diamonds on items that are going to stay in the shop for a long time. It would definitely recommend that you should spend your diamonds on seasonal unique items and special events.

Here is one more piece of advice for you, you should never buy food from Cafeteria, especially if you are saving your diamonds for some special items. Buying food from Cafeteria will cost you a lot of your diamonds.

Keep calm and dress however you want.

This tip is all about keeping yourself calm and dressing up your character however you want to because there are so many different personalities in Royal High so it will be not a problem for you to dress up your character however you want to.

Also wanted to say that if you are not that rich then you choose simple outfits for your character as simple outfits look quite okay and cute.

Be patient.

It does take time and hard work to level up and get to high levels like trading so don’t give up because everyone has been through all of this before and trying to get to the high levels.

Don’t be discouraged by expensive items, there are a lot of expensive items in Royale High and you will only get them through hard work.

Also, try to buy seasonal items before the ones on sale because the seasonal items are only there for a small amount of time.

Have fun.

This final tip is all about having fun and enjoying the Royal High game. Royal high is a fun game meant for you to hang out with people, get to know everybody, for making outfits, and just do lots of fun things.

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