Loomian legacy List Of Rarest Loomians

Loomian Legacy

Loomian legacy is one of the best Mon games to play on Roblox. According to game mechanics traditions, the Loomian legacy is similar to the Pokémon game but there are a few key differences.

You can start with one of five distinct characters, the type chart is different, and the fighting system does away with separate PP, instead of drawing all moves from the Loomian’s energy numbers, with the option to wait or rest to restore energy.

There are many rarest Loomians hidden in the Loomian legacy that you didn’t even know about. That is why today in this article, you get the list of the rarest Loomians in the Loomian legacy.

The list of the rarest Loomians in Loomian legacy.

Rarest Loomians in Loomian legacy are listed below:


Sumobito is the rarest Loomian that looks like sumo. In order to get Sumobito, you have to give Propae a specific item. The item that you can give to Propae is worn rope. When you will give worn rope to Propae then Propae will get evolve and will transform into Sumobito.

This worn rope is basically what you need to get Sumobito. Sumobito is just like a sumo bug that bites. So, basically, a new evolution of the Propae is Sumobito. Its body is mostly brown and orange in color. It has two legs and four arms and is bipedal. Its Propae-like nose has now branched upward into a horn.


Pwuff is the rarest Loomian that looks like pufferfish with spikes. Most of its body is composed of two shades of blue. It features a round mouth in the middle of its face, a yellow area above it, and two eyes that are far distant.

You can find Pwuff on Lotusun Beach, so all you have to do is make sure you’re on the Lotusun beach. At Lotusun beach, you will be able to see a trainer there. You have to fight and defeat the trainer in order to get Pwuff Loomian. Mainly, Pwuff is rear water and toxic-type Loomian.


Snagull actually has a sandwich in his mouth that looks a little bit rarer. If you find a Snagull that has a sandwich in his mouth, then you will be part one of those luckiest players that have a Snagull that has a sandwich in his mouth. Snagull is an Air-type rear Loomian.

You can find and get Snagull near the ocean. Snagull relies on scavenging for food from beach visitors due to increased tourism.

Snagull has a white body and three tail feathers, two of which are white and one of which has a light blue color. It wears a black ‘collar’ around its neck and has two white crescent-shaped wings.


Samarine is a rear Loomian that looks like a big huge and quite amazing airplane. Getting the Samarine Loomian can be a tough task for you, you have to do things by giving lots of focus then only you will be able to get Samarine.

The process of acquiring the Samarine Loomian involves a lot of fishing. So basically you have to go to the beach and you have to start fishing and when you fish eventually you’re going to find a shark and the name of the shark is called Sharp Pod.

When you find the Sharp Pod you’re going to want to evolve it into Submarine. The Submarine looks incredible, the majority of its body is grey, with a pale blue lower jaw. It has broad grey pectoral fins that culminate with black tips.


Kanki is kind of a rare Loomian so finding it can be a tough task but the process of finding Kanki Loomian is quite simple too. Mastery says that you have to capture a lot of Kanki because it’s really hard to find them. In order to find Kanki, you have to go to the Lotusun Beach.

At Lotusun Beach, you have to start fishing. You have to do fishing until you find the Kanki Loomian a rear Loomian who looks like a crab and has two black eyes with pupils. It has a maroon shell with two pale red rings on top. It has a mace-like left claw.

Final words.

So these were the rarest Loomians in the Loomian legacy. Some of these Loomians are so rear that finding them is a quite tough task for any player. Hope you find this article informative and helpful.

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