V Rising- All Console Commands And Admin Commands

V RisingIn V Rising, you can host the dedicated servers and customize the rule or settings according to your own choices. Whether playing with your friends or random players, the host has an access to all important console and Admin commands. To use console commands and use all its features in hosted or private games, we have listed each step to be taken and the important Admin Commands that will be used most frequently.

All Console Commands And Admin Commands In V Rising

First, we need to Activate or Enable the Console by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Select “Options” in the Main Menu
  • Select “General
  • Under Interface, Select “Console Enabled” and click the box.
  • To open the console, press the “`” tilde button i.e. above Tab on your keyboard.
  • Open the console command window and type “list” to reveal all the command lists.

Frequently Used Admin Commands
  • adminauth: Authenticates admin.
  • bancharacter: Ban a specific character.
  • banned: Show a list of all banned users.
  • banuser [name/IP/userID]: Bans the player from joining the server.
  • clanaccept: To accept the user in the clan.
  • clandecline: To decline joining the clan.
  • kick [name/IP/userID]: Kick the player whose name/IP/userID will be entered for an instance.
  • unban [name/IP/userID]: Lifts the ban from the server.

Apart from these commands, there are some console commands that offer items, gears, or buffs. Type “giveset” and select the items from the list that can be used by your character. Specifically, type “List” and select any of the preexisting commands to use and control the authority of your private games.

V RisingFor more guides on V Rising, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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