V Rising Cloth Where To Find & Craft And How To Salvage Items

V Rising

In V Rising Cloth is one of the main resources in the game that you will need at a later stage of the game when you reach the second area of the map. Before that, you will need only 4x cloth to craft an item called “Traveller’s Wrap” that will give your character +15 sun resistance and increase the maximum health.

To find cloth at the start of the game, you need to explore the bandit camps, break all the boxes and loot the treasure. Defeating the high-level bandits will sometimes result in dropping rare items such as whetstone and cloth. These items are quite rare at the beginning of the game but once you defeat certain altar bosses, you will be able to craft these rare resources.

V Rising How To Find Cloth

In this game, upon defeating bandit enemies various types of resources will be dropped by them. One such resource is the cloth that has a rare drop chance but you will need only 4 at the beginning of the game. So you can visit any bandit stronghold and defeat them to find cloth.

V Rising How To Craft Cloth

To craft the cloth you will need to unlock the “Loom” blueprint. To unlock the loom blueprint you will have to defeat the level 38 boss called “Beatrice the Tailor”. Once you defeat her you will be able to build a loom in your castle and start crafting cloth.

V Rising How To Salvage Items

To be able to salvage resources from items, you need to build a treasure box called “The devourer”. In this box, any item that you put in will be converted into raw materials and you will be able to salvage the items. To unlock the blueprint of the devourer you need to defeat the boss called “Lidia the Chaos Archer”.

Upon defeating this level 26 boss you will also obtain the ability called “Chaos Volley”. To build the devourer you will need 12x planks and 6x copper ingots.

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