V Rising- Unsullied Heart And Greater Blood Essence Farming Tips

V Rising

In V Rising, we have crafted a numerous number of gears and items for your character, servants, or Castle. One of the most important items in V Rising would be the Unsullied Hearts due to the fact it is not found easily. Greater Blood Essence is necessary to upgrade the Castle, however, it will not require Unsullied Hearts to be its primary ingredients anymore in the Crafting process after defeating a specific enemy. In this guide, we have explained where to farm Unsullied Heart and Greater Blood Essence.

Unsullied Heart In V Rising

Unsullied Hearts are dropped once we defeat and feed off the enemies randomly. However, it has not been seen yet that lower-level enemies drop these valuables. Mostly around Level 18 or above enemies has a higher chance of dropping Unsullied Hearts i.e. 35%. The nearest and fastest way is to farm Alpha Wolf bosses Den to and fro. The Den can be found in the Farbane Woods South and West of the Bandit Logging Camp. We would need 4 Unsullied Hearts to upgrade the Castle by crafting Greater Blood Essence. Unsullied Hearts also functions as a healing item for your character. The best way to farm is to defeat bosses by constructing a Blood Altar and tracking them down.

Greater Blood Essence In V Rising

We learn that Blood Press in your castle can produce a Greater Blood Essence in an exchange for 4 Unsullied Hearts. Due to the poor drop rate as we discussed earlier, it is not a wise idea to be dependent on Unsullied Hearts. There is a way where you will not have to worry about Unsullied Hearts i.e. to obtain the recipe after defeating the V Boss, Tristan the Vampire Hunter at Farbane Woods.

Tristan the Vampire Hunter is a level 46 Boss who is tough when you are under level and gear. After a little exploring and grinding, you will be good to go, and once he is defeated, you will obtain a Recipe that allows 150 Blood Essence to convert into a Greater Blood Essence. It also allows us to produce higher-level items and gears.

Blood Essence

Once you defeat the enemies or feed, you will obtain a Blood Essence from them except few specific enemies such as Undead which do not have blood. You will encounter tons of enemies and monsters which makes Blood Essence a common item that is easy to farm, unlike Unsullied Hearts.

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