V Rising- Servants High Tier, Creation And How They Are Important

V RisingIn V Rising you are or might be the one who can be called the next successor of Count Dracula. However, you are weakened after waking up centuries later where each and every possible step is taken will be to return or regain your strength. Beasts, Priests, and countless other entities lurk around the map who will attack you after glancing at you for a second. However, when you are not around your castle, there are higher chances that your tower might get sieged in PvP as there would be no one to defend hence higher Level or Tier servants are an absolute necessity. Therefore in this post, we will explain the importance of Servants and how to find and create them.

Servants High Tier, Creation And How They Are Important In V Rising

Great Master needs greater Servants as most of the important tasks will be assigned to them, including looting and defending. The servants are divided into 3 different Tiers i.e. T1, T2, and T3 which all signify their Expertise or Blood quality. Once the tutorial has been completed, you will obtain an ability known as Dominating Presence which allows you to convert them into your loyal subjects and in this case servants. Use Dominating Presence on injured enemies or say whose HP is below 30% to make them your servants.

Each castle can contain 9 Servants at max and while accessing the Throne, you can assign them duties to find and collect loots. The Power Level and Perks recommended for the area determines the high success rate and the chances of injury to be less. To increase the Power of the Servants, you can equip them with nice gear which also will increase the gear level of the servants obviously.

Speaking of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 servants, they are distinguished by the area they are found such as Farbane, Dunley, and Silveright respectively. T3 servants are powerful servants, however, once they are defeated, they will drop all the inventory they have in possession similar to as your main character. Still don’t be shy to equip them with the best gears as they are absolute monsters in terms of combat.

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