V Rising How To Get Whetstone, Stone Dust & Stone Bricks

V Rising

In V Rising there are various resources available in this game for you to find and collect that are required to build various buildings and upgrade your castle. Few such resources are whetstone, stone dust, and stone bricks. Below you will find how to obtain whetstone, build a grinder, and get stone dust and bricks.

V Rising How To Get Whetstone

Whetstone is used to build your castle and at the beginning of the game, you might have a hard time locating it. To find Whetstone in this game, you need to find the bandit camps and strongholds in Farbane Woods, you need to defeat the bandits in order for them to drop it. To find the bandit camps you need to locate the yellow circles marked on the maps but beware if you are a bit under level, you need to upgrade your gears.

You will be able to craft whetstone at a later part of the game, but you need to defeat the level 27 boss “Grayson the Armorer”. You can track the boss from the blood altar and upon defeating it you will unlock the recipe to craft whetstone. To craft whetstone the required resources are:

  • 1x Copper Ingot
  • 12x Stone Dust

V Rising How To Get Stone Dust & Stone Bricks

To obtain Stone dust and stone bricks you need to build a grinder first but to build a grinder you will need Whetstone. You can visit a bandit stronghold to find the resource and use it to build a grinder in your castle.

Once you have built the grinder in your castle, now you just need to add raw stones inside the grinder and you will obtain stone dust and stone bricks. You will also require copper ingots to make build the grinder. Check out our previous guide on how to obtain copper ingots. To create one stone brick you will need to put 12 raw stones inside the grinder.

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