V Rising How To Get Iron Ore, Iron Ingots, Copper Ore & Copper Ingots

V Rising

In V Rising to obtain ores, you need to locate the rocks that will give ore upon breaking them. Maces are generally used to harvest ores and stones in this game but you can use different weapons. Ores are used to upgrade buildings and craft better gears. Below you will find how to get iron and copper ores.

V Rising How To Get Iron Ingot & Iron Ore

Like copper ore you won’t find iron ore rocks scattered around the map, you need to visit a particular area called “Haunted Iron Mine”. The Iron mine is located at the center of the full map, the southern part of Dunley farmlands which is the second area of the game. Check out the above image to find the exact location of the Haunted Iron Mine.

You will need to have a higher level as the enemies here will be quite strong. There is only a single area in the entire game where you will find iron and this resource is required to craft new gears and a lot of other things.

In this mine, you will find iron ores not only by breaking the rocks but also in treasure boxes. Once you have gathered enough iron ore you need to build a furnace in your castle. To build a furnace you will need 480 stone and 60 copper ores.

V Rising How To Get Copper Ore & Copper Ingot

The copper ore rocks are generally rusty in color and you will find them scattered everywhere on the map. You just need to find a rusty-looking rock and break it with your mace to obtain copper ore. You can also find copper ore in bandits’ copper mines, where you will also find copper ingots. These areas are quite a high level so make sure your gear level is high enough to defeat the enemies. You can also obtain the copper ingots by placing the copper ores in the furnace.

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