Gotham Knights- All Playable Characters Whom You Can Take Control

Gotham KnightsThe story of the Gotham Knights is set after the death of Batman and Commissioner Gordon in the Batman: Arkham Knight game. After the death of legends, the Arkham city has taken over by some of Batman’s enemies. So, in short, there is a gloomy day in Arkham city. And to make things good in the Arkham city, WB Games has brought the Gotham Knights game.

Players take as the remaining members of the Bat-Family, a gang of former Batman proteges tasked with investigating the events surrounding his murder while also combating the ominous and enigmatic Court of Owls in Gotham Knights. A number of well-known Batman villains will be pitted against the Knights.

Through this article, you will get to know all information regarding all playable characters of the Gotham Knights game.

Playable Characters In Gotham Knights Game


First and foremost we go with Nightwing. Nightwing’s real name is Dick Grayson, who is the first Robin also. Nightwing belongs to a circus family where he developed his natural acrobatic abilities. Dick Grayson outgrew the Robin role and started living as the Nightwing after leaving Batman and becoming the leader of the Teen Titans. Grayson sneaks out at night to look for clues to look into the death of his parents.


Batgirl’s real name is Barbara Gordon, and she is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. The Batgirl has an unbreakable will that makes her one of Gotham’s mightiest heroes. After being shot by the Joker and becoming paralyzed, Barbara gave up the Batgirl identity. She went on to become the Oracle, a gateway to give information to other heroes. But now, she returns to her Batgirl personality. Barbara is a specialist at finding information through hacking or coding computers and technological devices.

Red Hood

After Dick steps down the identity of Robin, Jason Todd becomes the second Robin. Jason Todd had a difficult life and worked odd jobs to support his drug-addicted mother before donning the red mask. After attempting to steal the tires off the Batmobile at the age of 16, he had his first true run-in with Batman.

Instead of punishing Jason for his mistakes, Batman felt sorry for him and offered him a chance to change his life. Jason has joined the Bat-Family in Gotham Knights, and he is on a mission to clean Gotham from corruption.


Tim Drake is the one who is currently holding the title of Robin. Tim is the person who best reflects the title of Robin among the various persons who have assumed it over the years. Tim is the smartest of the other four playable characters in the game. He’s a technological whiz who is also the best detective. He holds Batman in high regard and frequently avoids criticizing him. In Gotham Knights, Tim will struggle to become the hero that Gotham needs, especially after Bruce’s (Batman) death.

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