Vampire Survivors- How To Unlock New Character Concetta?

Vampire SurvivorsVampire Survivors is a rouge shoot ’em up survival game developed by poncle, Luca Galante. Through this article, you will know how you can unlock the new character Concetta in the Vampire Survivors. Concetta is a character that beats the enemies with her badass guitar. Like the other characters in the game, you must have to unlock Concetta before playing with her.

How to unlock the new character Concetta?

You have to visit the Gallo Tower stage, where you have to find Concetta in the Coffin. In the Gallo Tower stage, you must locate the Coffin, eliminate the enemies encircling it, and then stand on it to free the character within, just like other coffin characters.

To find Coffin of Concetta, go to the Gallo Tower, walk north and hug the stage’s left side. Continue north until you reach the Arcana unlock, past the Bracer passive item. If you stay to the left, you’ll ultimately come across a glowing mirror.

Entering the mirror will lead you to a secret room where you find the Coffin, as well as a variety of enemies too. Because they won’t actively attack you, these enemies are pretty easy to kill. However, they have a lot of health, so be prepared to deliver a lot of damage to them.
Make sure you’ve picked up weapons like the Garlic or Lightning Ring that can injure them outside of the walls.

Along with this, you will have to keep an eye out for the occasional appearance of bone dragons on the screen. You have to avoid colliding with them. You won’t be able to return to the hidden area if you do, and you’ll have to restart the stage.
After you’ve fought all of the adversaries in the area surrounding the Coffin, enter it to find Concetta Caciotta.

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