Trek to Yomi – All Collectibles and Artifact Location

trek to yomiTrek To Yomi is a mainly single-player game with a straightforward storyline. In the game, there is a limited amount of side material to collect or find. However, there are a few dozen items to be found all across the game that are properly hidden. So, if you want to finish the game and gather all of the valuable artifacts, follow our Trek To Yomi collecting artifact locations guide.

In each of the game’s chapters, you can find many dozen collectibles and Artifacts. So keep an eye out as you go through the chapters and fight the game’s bosses.

Through this guide, you will get to know where you can find all of the Trek To Yomi collectible Artifacts, so you don’t have to explore the game’s monochromatic stages for the relatively well-hidden things in the background and foreground.

Trek To Yomi Collectible And Artifact Locations

From below, you will get to know about the locations of all Collectible and Artifact that are hidden in the Trek To Yomi game:

Tamaya Mirror.

Tamaya is the first collectible item of chapter 1 in Trek To Yomi. Head out the rear of the building to the garden after finishing the tutorial combat. The mirror is supported by a supporting pole beneath the gazebo at the end of the garden.

Izanagi Print.

While traveling around through the town and buildings in the game, you will come across a building where people are eating. The collectible artifact Izanagi Print can be found on the table in the first room of the building.

Kai-Awase Shell.

When you approach the first shrine, you have to start looking for the Kai-Awase Shell collection artifact. Instead of moving further, turn left to encounter a man talking with Hiroki; if you interact with him, he will give you the Kai-Awase Shell collectible.

Sakura Bloom.

You can find The Sakura Bloom right outside the shrine temple. You have to take the left way inside a barn as you approach the village’s borders. In the barn, you will see Sakura Bloom’s flower on the table.

Field Mouse Sculpture.

Once you start going down from the hills, you’ll find the Field Mouse Sculpture collectible a bit farther on. Behind the hill, there is a little trail marked by a wooden fence. Return to the table to locate the Field Mouse Sculpture collectible.

Izanami Print.

When you reach the fields at the conclusion of the level, you will get the final collectible, the Izanami Print, in chapter 1. Take a right at the fork in the route before heading left to locate the print on a stone monument. A Stamina Upgrade location may also be found here.

Discarded Kami Carving.

The Discarded Kami Carving is the first collectible item of chapter 2. When approaching the cliff, you must climb up with the log and look for the Discarded Kami Carving. Continue to the right before continuing up to discover the object beside a tiny mound of straw.

Crude Tekko.

While entering inside the mines, you’ll come across a room with a damaged walkway and a straight board of wood. Walk along the wooden planks, then push one down and go across it to find the Crude Tekko collectible on the other side of the mine in a barrel.

The Three Monkeys.

After exiting the building and crossing the bridge, climb the cliff to the left to discover a shrine. To obtain The Three Monkeys collectible, interact with the shrine.


When you climb a ladder after pushing the cart out of the way, before doing, you have to look to the left for the EMA artifact collectible location on the straw.

Lost Love Letter.

After crossing the river, you’ll find the next Trek To Yomi collectible, which is Lost Love Letter. Head to the left before crossing the little boats to reach another part of the region. At the extreme end of the house, you’ll locate the Lost Love Letter on a stool.

Mori Shio.

Mori Shio is the last collectible item of chapter 2 of Trek To Yomi. After kicking the barn doors and coming upon a shrine, you will find the final collectible Mori Shio in Chapter 2. Rather than going to the right, turn around and walk towards the camera, which is hidden behind a stump.

Swordsmith’s Hammer.

The Swordsmith’s Hammer is the first collectible item of chapter 3. The hammer can be found at the beginning of the level, close to a run-down cottage on the village’s main street.

Dove location.

The Dove is on the top level of the enormous building that you’ll see while you cross the bridge. The dove collection artifact may be found in the first room of the upper floor, next to the shrine.

Magatama Bead.

Much later in Trek To Yomi, the Magatama Bead may be found. Head up the route towards the burning houses after arriving at the field on the edges of the settlement. The bead may be found immediately behind the grieving guy here.

Fujin Print.

After that, return to the field and, when you reach the fork in the route, proceed towards the camera. The Fujin Print may be found near the boat, on the ground, on the following screen.

Fishing Rod.

Keep going on until you see a gate to your left. You will see the gate right before you meet the horse-riding foes. After passing through the gate, look to your right for the fishing road on the fence.


When you return to the town via the next gate, you’ll find the Ugajin collectible artifact location. Before proceeding, take a right along the fence to discover the collectible at the end of the trail.

Bronze Mirror.

After climbing up and turning right, you’ll find the Bronze Mirror a bit farther ahead. Before you do, seek for the collectible beside an overturned cart at the top of the route.


The Inarizushi can be found on a shelf on the bottom floor, adjacent to a stamina boost when you enter the next home. You can grab this before jumping through the upper-floor window.

The Moon Flask

After you come upon a ladder in a little nook, you may find the Moon Flask far later in the level. Climb it or go up the route before it to discover the flask near a crate.

Rice Bowl.

Rice Bowl is the last collectible item of chapter 3. Near the conclusion of the level, you’ll find the Rice Bowl. It’s sitting on a little box near one of the blazing market stalls when you walk by. The clan banner in the front readily distinguishes the screen.


When you go to the junction with the damaged bridge and a boat, you’ll find the first collectible of chapter 4, which is Onyudo. It is placed in front of a cage on a tiny table.


Inside the home to the left of the big fire. This place where you will find the Noppera-BO lies the next collectible.


A saving shrine with a little gazebo to the left is a short distance farther on. You will find Otoroshi collectible up on a crate beneath the gazebo.


Once inside the barn, look for the collectible on the bottom level, sitting on a crate near the ladder.


After climbing a little cliff, you will be faced with two paths. You have to ignore the wooden walkway on the left and go straight. After going straight, you will see a tree. Push that tree down to find the Yurei collectible.


You’ll come upon a big bridge covered with leaves a little later. Pass through the next building and then climb the steps up at the intersection. To discover the collectible, walk towards the body besides the fire.


Instead of crossing the bridge when you approach the marshlands, proceed in the opposite way to a little space behind the building. You can find the collectible near a supporting pillar.


Past the main part of the swampy marshlands, you will find a building suspended above the water and ground level with a long ladder. Climb up that ladder, and on the items by the entrance to the building, you can find the collectible.


Towards the end of the level, after you have passed the large tower, you will find a bridge that will collapse behind you as you walk on it. After making your way across, walk to the far right of the screen and climb up to the wooden walkway that has broken off. Here, you can find the Ushi-Oni collectible in a small box at the back of the platform.


Yamawaro is the last collectible item of chapter 4. You’ll see a cage with a door ajar before crossing the wooden path into the marshy marshlands. The Yamawaro collection artifact is lying near the box close to that cage.

Great Thunder.

Great Thunder is the fifth chapter’s first collecting item. After going down the short set of stairs at the beginning of the level, you’ll find this collectible.

Cleaving Thunder.

You’ll find a short L-shaped walkway leading to a cliff overlooking a tower as you enter the first structure in the level. Turn left and go through the doorway to the right of the door you just came through before continuing down that route. The collectible may be found in the corner.

Earth Thunder.

When exploring the decaying settlement, you’ll ultimately have to descend a long flight of steps past a statue. Look at a box near the stairwell before going down those steps.

Black Thunder.

After entering a big complex with several boss fights, you’ll find the next collectible. You will eventually come upon a screen door that opens in the middle and leads to a staircase. Before going through the door, turn right and look for the collection besides the enormous vase on the pillar.

Couchant Thunder.

A shrine with a huge statue and a few candles around its base is a little distance ahead. Before using the left stairwell, take the right stairwell to uncover the collectible hidden behind a brazier pillar.

Roaring Thunder.

Head into the next chamber after the boss battle in the vast dojo area, which is a repetition of the boss encounter from the game’s early chapters. Look for the collectible on a box adjacent to the shrine.

Young Thunder.

To raise the fractured earth, you must solve a symbol problem and stand on a platform much farther into the level. Instead of going into the tower, run to the right of the staircase after elevating the ground to discover the collectible on the ground. You must arrive before the earth crumbles once more.

Fire Thunder.

You can find this collectible a little bit further on when climbing up multiple staircases to a tower. The collectible item must be lying on the base of the last staircase.


Raijin is the last collectible item of chapter 5. You can find this collectible item where you have to find the Fire thunder collectible. The collectible item must be lying on the base of the last staircase.


Yutsu-Tsuma-Gushi is the first collectible item of chapter 6. Walk up to the backdrop at the start of the level to locate a little space with the collectible sitting on a box.


After completing the initial problems, you’ll come across the Maggots as you approach a wide-open entrance. Head up the ramp in the backdrop to find the collectible before continuing.

Ebikazura Grapes.

You’ll reach a tiny rest snack area beside a shrine after passing through the enormous Torii Gate portal and passing the first set of falling boulders. The grapes may be seen on a rock immediately before the shrine.

Thunder Drum.

Head into the neighboring building and up the ladder when you reach the enormous beast skull in the backdrop. To find the collectible, walk along the ramparts.


You’ll notice one of the enormous teleporting pillars up a staircase a bit farther on. The collectible may be found in a box just before that.


You’ll need to cross a bridge to one of the teleporting pillars while you’re touring the islands with a lot of buildings. A tree stands next to the collectible just before the bridge.

Naginata Tip.

You’ll ultimately reach the entrance to a set of buildings after crossing the little islands connected by flaming bridges. Look for the collectible in several boxes in the backdrop before moving to the right.

Tainted Clothing.

When you get to the docks, ignore the teleportation tower and look for the collectible in the back-right corner.

Yomotsu Hirasaka.

When you go to a shrine in front of a building with some market booths, check for the collectible item beside the fence in the foreground.


Onusa is the last collectible item of chapter 6. Head to the left just before the level’s very conclusion, the final gate in the cluster of buildings, to uncover the collectible hidden under a cart.

Kai-Awase Shell.

Chapter 7’s first collectible item is the Kai-Awase Shell. Take the right way at the start of the level to find the collectible on a box.

Remnant of Hiogi.

The collectible may be found on the side above the dead body, just after ascending the stairs.

Remnant of Kiseru.

Return to the outdoors and climb the debris staircase. This is where the collectible is located.

Death Warrant.

Ignore the shrine and continue to the right to find a little back alley area after dropping through the building and returning to ground level. In the foreground, the item is sitting on a barrel.

Omoikane Mask.

Look on the shelf in the first chamber of the next building after defeating the first boss in front of the blazing rubble. The next collectible can be found on the shelf.


You’ll eliminate a bunch of foes in a garden later in the level before entering a building. Hiroki will squeeze between some rubble, with a table in the foreground. On the table, there is a collectible.

Koshu Kanke

Following the above, proceed to the top floor and look to the left of the door for the next collectible relic.


You’ll be on a set of docks along a river after running past the burning buildings, and it explodes. To find the collectible, walk up the river instead of up the wooden platform.

Sake Cup.

Sake Cup is the last collectible item of chapter 7. Before proceeding up the courtyard stairs to the last battle, take a left on a barrel; you’ll locate the collectible.

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