Sea Of Thieves- What Is Red Sea And Why Pirates Often Sail There?

Sea Of Thieves

In Sea Of Thieves apart from playing instruments and having fun with players, many dangers lurk on islands or at sea. Nowhere is safe, especially when other faction ships are found nearby and there are fresh loots in your possession. Apart from all the adventure, if you wander around and reach the border of the map, you will notice a sudden change in the environment. Sea will turn red and the sky will turn black hence the Red Sea. So, if you all are curious about what will happen if you cross the border or enter the red sea, we have it all covered!

What Is the Red Sea In Sea Of Thieves?

The Red Sea, often known as the Poison Sea, is a sea that indicates that your ship and crew are approaching the international border. Approaching the Red Sea will turn the water blood red, similar to how the Kraken turns black around it. Your ship will not be damaged as you approach it. However, cracks and holes in the ship will start to occur when you travel far away from the map.

This indicates that your ship requires important frequent repairs. As you progress, you and your crew will be whisked off the ship, and it will begin to sink. You will be unable to repair the ship after this phenomenon has occurred, and the ship as well as all loots will be lost forever. The Mermaids will spawn later which will teleport you to the nearest Outpost.

Why Do Pirates Sail Into The Red Sea?

It has been a common practice to sail towards the border or the Red Sea during PvP sessions when you are being chased or surrounded by other ships. However, there are constant debates and discussions going around about whether the act of sinking your loot in the Red Sea is valid or an act of cowardice when you are on brink of losing in the Sea of Thieves.

You will come around some peaceful as well as bullying pirates in the channels. The constant thrill of chase and fight experience is also a part of pirate life as the adventures and story. There are players who want only to experience the PvE part rather than diving straight into PvP. When the ships are approaching, it is always a tense moment as at any given time fight can occur which is inevitable. The Navigator who can avoid such conflicts and maneuver himself and the crew to safety speaks volumes.

Pirate Legends are forged and experiences are gained from all the hard adversaries, therefore it is necessary to partake in any events. Speaking of those who sail off to the Red Sea with all their Treasures is also a tactic that is not appreciated in the community but it is an option available to all. It is all about the perception, however, one must honor all the decisions on whether to stand ground and fight till the end and let the winner take it all, or sail towards the Red Sea and sink it all as the loot is yours currently and still in your possession.

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