Rogue Legacy 2- Green Exclamation Mark And What Does It Mean?

Rogue Legacy 2In Rogue Legacy 2, each special chamber is highlighted and the content related to it is marked to that you can recall and revisit the area to obtain specific Treasure or Relics. However there is a chamber in the first level i.e. “Citadel Agartha” that is popularly known as the Lantern Room, there is a green-colored exclamation marked on the mini-map or map for that specific chamber which does not fade away even after collecting the treasure. What is the reason behind it or what we need to interact with in order to clear the chamber, well we have it covered in this article?

What does Green Exclamation Mark Mean In Rogue Legacy 2?

When a Green Exclamation Mark appears on the map, it means you have located a secret chamber or a room. As Lantern Room is visited almost every single run and every single time we collect the Treasure Chest i.e. placed on the top platform whereas clear all the Lanterns to collect Gold or Food. Even after that, the green exclamation mark does not fade away when we progress to another chamber.

The green exclamation room signifies a unique room and the fact that why it is unique is supposed to be hidden until you learn or obtain an Insight related to it i.e. “Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers”. Stand on top of the fifth Lantern and shoot your skill or ability to break the wall far left. It will reveal a secret passage to the door. Even if we discover Insight and Resolve it, the green exclamation mark will not fade away as it is a unique chamber similar to which we will find in the sixth level.

If the Insight is not yet discovered then keep on advancing chambers and interact with all the new Journals. It will be resolved when you interact with the Nameless Knight who will be found in that spot where he will state that “Not many people know this spot; not many should. Everyone deserves a place to be themselves. Even an Estuary”.

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