Rogue Legacy 2 All Heirloom List & How To Find Them

Rogue Legacy 2

Heirlooms are the new items that are introduced as new content in the Rogue Legacy 2. With the help of Heirlooms, you can improve your game characters over time in the Rogue Legacy 2. Without obtaining the heirlooms you won’t be able to progress through certain stages. You can find the heirloom chamber by finding out the icon displayed on it.

The heirloom chamber will have a candle-like icon in orange color where you will find the statue to pray and enter the puzzle. Upon completing the puzzle you will obtain the heirloom. If your character dies while completing the puzzle you won’t get the heirloom.

Through this article, you will get a list of Heirlooms that are available in the game. Along with this, you will also get to know how you find all Heirlooms and all the important information regarding them.

Rogue Legacy 2 List of all Heirlooms.

Here is the list of all Heirlooms available in the game:

Anake’s Shawl.

Anake’s Shawl is the first Heirloom you can find in the Rogue Legacy 2. You can find and get the Anake’s Shawl in the introduction or beginning of the game. At the beginning of the game, you have to go to a statue in Citadel Agartha. At this place, you will find the Anake’s Shawl Heirloom.
To get the Anake’s Shawl Heirloom, interact with the statue and finish the task. Anake’s Shawl allows players to dash in mid-air, which is very handy for platforming and escaping opponent assaults. It’s also necessary to enter the boss room of Estuary Lamech.

Aesop’s Tome.

To get Aesop’s Tome, you have to visit Citadel Agartha again, but this time you have to look for another statue. In the Citadel Agartha, look out for the statue that likes to fat shame you. When you find this statue, you’ll be sent to a different challenge room in which you will have complete a challenge in order to get Aesop’s Tome Heirloom. The power of Aesop’s Tome is to help you in reading memories and calm nightmares.

Echo’s Boots.

Acquiring the Echo’s Boots can be a little tricky and can confuse you. Firstly, you have to visit Axis Mundi. When you visit Axis Mundi, you will have to pass through a gate and then go down a ramp. There is a wide gap ahead of you that you can Spin Kick-off with a torch. You won’t be able to clear the distance without a couple of further hops.

Returning to the previous area, you’ll see a sequence of lanterns above you that may be used to reach the room’s upper right corner. Climb the inside of the tower to the top and leap down on the left side to reach the Heirloom statue through the entrance there. The Echo’s Boots allow you to Spin Kick-off of Resonant surfaces while also resetting your Air Dash.

Aether’s Wings.

Keep one thing in mind that you have to first acquire the Echo’s Boots in order to acquire Aether’s Wings. After acquiring the Echo’s Boots, you will have to go to the end of the Far Shores in the Kerguelen Plateau.

At the end of the Far Shores, you will have to use Spin Kicks to cross the water. Once you cross the water, you will see an Heirloom statue. Interact with the Heirloom statue to begin the challenge. You’ll get the Aether’s Wings Heirloom if you double leap your way to the end.

Void Bell.

The Void Bell is the most useful Heirloom in the Rogue Legacy 2. You can randomly find the Void Bell in the Stygian Study region. While rooming in the Stygian Study region, you have to keep your eyes open as there is no fixed location in which you can find Void Bell. Keeping rooming in the Stygian Study Region, and you will get Void Bell Heirloom randomly.

With the use of Void Bell, you can turn Dash into the Void Dash. Void Dash is much longer than normal Dash.

Sun Lantern.

The Sun Lantern is the last Heirloom in the list of all Heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2. In order to get Sun Lantern, you have to get access to the Pishon Dry Lake. To get access to the Pishon Dry Lake, you will have to defeat Estuary Irad in the Sun Tower. Once you defeat the Estuary Irad in the Sun Tower, you will get access to the Pishon Dry Lake.

Now, go to the Pishon Dry Lake, which is located under Citadel Agartha. In the Pishon Dry Lake, you’ll meet the Nameless Knight, who will give you the Sun Lantern Heirloom. The work of Sun Lantern is to extend your light radius and allow you to move throughout the area.

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