Rogue Legacy 2- Scars, Location & How To Find And Unlock Them

Rogue Legacy 2

There are equal chances that You may or may not have encountered a Scar of Erebus in Rogue Legacy 2. Scars of Erebus are challenges that are meant to test your fighting and platforming abilities. There are a total of 16 Scars throughout the game, so you’ll have to play the game for hours to find and locate them all. Through this article, you get the information regarding all 16 scars of Rogue Legacy 2 Scars, and along with this, you will also get to know how to unlock them all.

Scars, Location & How To Find And Unlock Them In Rogue Legacy 2

#1 Mending Erebus

So, Mending Erebus is technically the first scar in the game. You’ll automatically unlock and get this scar when you defeat a single estuary alongside the entire drift house. The work of this scar is to give you information regarding what scars are and keep track of the trophies you’ve earned from other scars.

#2 A Simple Start

Now the first real scar you have to pick up and unlock is A Simple Start scar, and this scar is indeed very simple to find and unlock. You can find this scar just behind the sleeping hooded figure at the cave’s entrance as you move forward.

#3 Heavy Weapon

Rogue Legacy 2The Heavy Weapon scar is the next scar you have to find and unlock. Also, this scar is also pretty simple and easy to find. To unlock this scar, continue walking on from where you just got the Simple Start scar, and you’ll see a little fireplace. In the little fireplace, you will see the wall. Simply smash that wall in front of you as shown in the image to disclose a secret cave that will lead you to the Heavy Weapon scar.

#4 Two Masters

Rogue Legacy 2Now we are going to talk about Two Masters scar. Two Masters scar has a couple of things that are worth noting. To unlock the Two Masters scar, you will have to defeat the Estuary Lamech in Citadel Agartha. Defeating Estuary Lamech will unlock a location; the unlocked location would be near the golden door at the first area on top of the screen near the teleporter as shown in the image above. Use Archer class for especially the Class Talent Canopy to create a platform in the air to access the scar.

#5 Narrow Praxis

Scars LocationOnce you defeat the second boss i.e. Axis Mundi’s boss, Void Beast Byarrith, you will have to go to Pizza Mundi where we once find the Pizza girl. Break the barrels on the left which will expose a small crack on the wall or background. Doing this will unlock Narrow Praxis at the end of the chamber.

#6 Bladed Rose

The next is scar Bladed Rose. In order to unlock the Bladed Rose scar, you will have to defeat Estuary Naamah i.e. the third boss. After defeating Estuary Naamah, you will have to head over to Kerguelen Plateau. At Kerguelen Plateau, head over to a statue with a cliff nearby where you have unlocked the Aether’s Wing.

Scar Location After arriving at this location, you have to use your Skill or Talent whichever thing can. Doing this will break a hole on the side of the cliff in which you have to enter as shown in the image above. Enter the cliff and fall down to the edge. Simply drop all the way to the bottom till you locate and unlock the Bladed Rose scar.

#7 Closed Space

Scar LocationsTo unlock the Closed Space scar, you will have to defeat the fourth boss aka Estuary Enoch in the Stygian Study. Go back to the room, where you will see a bunch of books and three doors where Relics are found. Inside the middle door, there are a bunch of books placed all around the platform. On the same platform where the door is, on the extreme left, there would be a barrel, and of course, there’s a secret door. That secret door will lead you to the Closed Space scar.

#8 Automatons

Rogue Legacy 2The Automatons scar is tougher to unlock, so you will have to work with patience. To unlock this scar, you will have to defeat the fifth boss aka Estuary Tubal in Pishon Dry Lake. After this, you will have to enter the storeroom, where you will find stacked boxes and barrels. As shown in the image above, stand on top of the barrel and enter the secret room. Inside the secret room, climb all the way upper right corner and smash the wall that stands in your way.

You’ll be sent to a different room if you do this. Simply continue straight until you reach the very end, where you will locate and get the Automatons scar.

#9 Spreading Poison

To unlock this scar, you will have to defeat Prime Laamech in Citadel Agartha. But before this, you have to progress at least NG+2 to unlock Prime bosses like Lamech.

Rogue Legacy 2After unlocking and defeating Prime Laamech, you have to climb to the top of the building where we once defeated the Void Beast at Stygian Study as shown in the image above. Breakthrough the roof from the outside and jump into the crack until you reach a door with a scar on the left corner.

#10 Preserver of Life

You will have to defeat the second Prime Void Beast i.e.  Byarrith, in order to unlock the Preserver of Life scar. The Preserver of Life scar can be founded on top of the building at Gatehouse where we once completed the Missing Bodies quest. On top of the rooftop, you will find the scar placed in isolation.

#11 The Rebel's Road

The Rebel’s Road scar can only be unlocked after defeating Prime Naamah, who is only accessible at NG+3. When you are at the Kerguelen Plateau location, we have come across a room where after breaking the wall to reach hidden treasure chests, we end up at some sort of graveyard and a blue memory orb.

Rogue Legacy 2In the tunnel, there is a hidden room in the middle of it which will take you to Scar #11 as shown in the image above. You can visit it before, but there will be nothing to found except the hidden room.

#12 The Two Lovers

To unlock this scar, you will have to defeat the Prime Enoch in Stygian Study. After this, you will have to go to one of the Arcane Chambers where there was nothing except purple clouds and a dead end. In the chamber, you will have to head to the right and hit the interact button at the ledge’s edge to activate the bridge.

Rogue Legacy 2Now start walking and cross the bridge. Keep walking until you find yourself in a room as marked in the image containing “The Two Lovers” scar. You don’t have to break the wall, you simply have to jump down hugging the wall.

#13 Nightmare Premonitions

Nightmare Premonitions scar is probably a lot of people’s favorite scar in the game. In order to unlock this scar, defeat Prime Irad in The Sun Tower, and after this, you will have to go all the way to the Citadel Agartha. We need to enact the same method which we used to complete the quest “Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers”.

At the Lantern Room break the far left wall by standing on top of the 5th Lantern. Enter the hidden passage and go all the way up to where we found the Lamech’s Hidden Sanctum.

#14 The Atlantis Spire

To unlock the Atlantis Spire scar, you will have to defeat the Prime Tubal without defeating any other boss in the game. After defeating the Prime Tubal, teleport all the way to the Pishon Dry Lake, Nibiru Deep Room.

Scar LocationFrom the Nibiru Deep Room, jump in the middle of the lake and break the wall which is on the left side using your magic attacks as shown in the image above. Now enter into the broken wall, and you will find a door that will take you to the Atlantis Spire scar. This is how you can unlock the Atlantis Spire scar.

Note: If you defeat any other Estuaries, the water level will rise up closing the entrance of the secret passage for the current run.

#15 The Armada

To unlock the Armada scar, you will have to defeat, Prime Tubal in Kerguelen Plateau, and after this, you will have to go to the Far Shores room where we have obtained the Aethers Wing. In the middle of the Shores room, there will be a red Armada scar waiting to be collected.

#16 Divergent Dimensions

Unlocking the Divergent Dimensions scar is too complicated. First of all, you will have to defeat the Prime Cain, who is the prime version of the game’s last boss. After defeating the Prime Cain, you will have to go to the tutorial area by simply changing or resetting the threads.

Now you will have to do to going all the way back to the game’s tutorial. Simply complete all of the tutorial checkpoints until you reach the one where you must climb a building using spin kicks. After climbing up, instead of going forward through the yellow portal, jump left where the book is placed. Climb on top of the highest platform and jump and dash left.

Scar 16Dropdown at the spot where the campfire is placed on the ground as shown in the image. After reading the pages, jump once to stand on top of the platform and go all the way right. Enter the door where you will need to use the Mysterious Key to enter the Mysterious Room where the final Scar will be placed inside.

Final Words

So these are all 16 scars of Rogue Legacy 2, and this is how you can unlock them all. Hope you found this article helpful and informative yourself.

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