Rogue Legacy 2- Missing Bodies Location

Rogue Legacy 2In Rogue Legacy 2, If you don’t have too many persistent upgrades, fighting and defeating the bosses can be a tough task for you. However, there is a simple way to get you’ll get a 15% damage boost against any boss you fight with.

You will get a 15% damage boost only if you complete the Missing Bodies quest of the Rogue Legacy 2. To complete this quest, you will have to find missing bodies. Through this article, you will get to know the location of missing bodies and the 15% damage boost after resolving the insight. So, if you are one of Rogue Legacy 2 players, then read this article till the end.

How Do You Find The Missing Bodies Location In Rogue Legacy 2

While exploring Axis Mundi, you will find a sign previous to the Throne Room i.e. Kerguelen Gatehouse sign inscribed on a stone tablet. Once you reach the Kerguelen Gatehouse sign, move forward until you see a pair of waterwheels as shown in the image below:

Fire the spell to break the wall and enter inside the hidden passage. Advance forward which is to the way top where you will be able to enter a room. Break all the thorns and make your way through to interact with the blue orb which is supposed to be a memory fragment. Interact with memory fragment. When you interact with a memory fragment, a text saying “Missing Bodies Insight will be marked as resolved” will appear. This means you have found the missing bodies and have completed the Missing Bodies quest.

Completing the quest will reward you with a 15% damage boost that will help you in defeating any bosses.

Final Words

So, through this article, you got to know the location of missing bodies in the Rogue Legacy 2. Finding missing bodies will complete the Missing bodies quest and reward you 15% damage boost that will help you in defeating any bosses.

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