Rogue Legacy 2 Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers Quest Lantern Room

Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 is a platform game developed by Cellar Door Games. Each time you die in this game, you will start the from the starting entrance and your legacy will be continued by your offspring. The class ability will remain the same for your heir but the traits they will get will be randomized.

There are various different classes available in this game that you need to unlock by collecting gold from multiple runs. During these runs, you will come across various NPCs who will also give you some quests. You can check these quests in the main menu under the quest option. There you will find the quests that you have already completed and the quests that you have unlocked and need to complete.

These quests are hidden in different chamber locations but the stage name will be mentioned. Below you will find one such quest called “Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers”.

Rogue Legacy 2 Discover Lamech’s Hidden Sanctum

For this quest, you need to go to the first map called “Citadel Agartha” and visit the lantern room. The lantern room will be filled with lanterns and on the top part of the room, you will find a chest. Stand on the fourth lantern and look to your left side then use your spell to find the secret entrance.

Once you find the entrance, enter the hidden sanctum of Lamech’s where on the top you will find the Nameless Knight and beside the knight will be an orb. Interact with the orb to obtain an affinity bonus +15% Damage vs Estuary Lamech.

To climb to the top of the tower you will need to use your spin kick quite a lot of times. You can also use your spin kick on the thrones to increase your jump distance and climb to the top.

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