Dune Spice Wars All Faction, Counciler List & Their Bonus Stats

Dune Spice Wars
Dune Spice Wars is a strategy game inspired by the Frank Hubert novel “Dune” developed by Shiro Games. You get all information about all factions and the councilor list through this article.

Dune Spice Wars All Faction

You will have to select a faction when you first start the game. Here is the list of All Factions:

The Fremen.

Fremen are the only people native to Arrakis and will do anything to protect their way against the offworlders. While their leader, Liet Kynes, doesn’t originally come from Dune, she is every bit as determined and attached to the planet as the next Fremen.

Faction Bonuses-
  • Military units have -30% daily Supply drain.
  • Allows you to form alliances with Sietch outside of your territory.
  • A May use Thumpers for Worm Riding.
  • Limited access to the Landsraad.
Chant Kynes.

Chant is a young Freniem mother by the bold and charismatic women on en ande Aghter, she a loyal to her native people and s determined to do whatever it takes to remise any hungering Harkonen presence from her planet.

  • Can use Incite Rebellion on Landsraad resolutions, generating rebellions in other factions if the targeted resolution passes.
  • +0.5 Intel production per adjacent neutral Region.
Stilgar Ben Fifrawi.

Stilgar is the Naib – the leader – of Stetch. Stilgar Ben Fifrawi is one of the most prominent Fremen communities in Arrakis. He is a wise and honorable leader, and he has a soft spot for Chani Kynes, whom he regards as his niece.

  • Every new village capture Increases Sletch detection progress.
  • 1 Authority production per exploited Spice Field.
Mother Ramallo.

Ramallo is on elderly Sayyadina, a rogue Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother who successfully changed the Water of Life. She, therefore, possesses a vast knowledge inherited from her foremothers, and her immense wisdom makes her a revered mother figure among the Fremont.

  • Start with the Shal-hulud Temple unlocked Reveals the position of all Spice Fields.

Otheym is a renowned and fearsome Fremen fighter who left Sietch Gara Kulon for Sletch Tabr, led by Stilgar. A wise and loyal, if a bit gruff man, he likes to be in the first lines, be it in combat or through experimenting with new kinds of strategies.

  • +10% units » Speed.
  • +20% X Power.
  • +2 Armor.
The Smugglers.

There’s a fine line between smugglers and full-fledged bandits, and Esmar Tuek is adept at walking that line. Smugglers can provide anything to anyone, provided they put the price and do not look at the specifics too closely.

Faction Bonuses-
  • Can install Underworld Headquarters in opponent’s Villages.
  • Can place Bounty on Landsraad resolutions.
  • Improved interactions with Arrakis Black Markets. Limited access to the Landsraad.
Stabon Turk.

Stabon is Esmar Tuek’s son and, just like his father, a renowned smuggler of various goods on Arrakis, most notably Spice Melange. Like many of his people, he thrives in a harsh environment while routinely defying the highest authorities. He is a proud man who doesn’t abide by anybody’s rules but his own.

  • Underworld Headquarters produce 15 Solari per adjacent region containing an Underworld Headquarters.
  • +0.5 Influence per Underworld Headquarters.
Lingar Bewl.

Lingar’s business revolves around a single commodity, but one which is so rare on Arrakis, only Spice tops it in importance: water. While his extraction operations are not technically illegal, they are, by nature, risky enough that Lingar had to forge an alliance with smugglers, and most notably Esmor Tuek.

  • Reduces the Authority cost to annex a Village depending on available & Water.
  • Reduces the cost to Install Underworld Headquarters depending on available Water.

Drisq is Esmor Tuek’s loyal quartermaster, managing supplies and commodities for the whole Stetch. She is also regularly involved in the logistics of her master’s smuggling operations.

  • All agents have the Merchant Trait Infiltration levels can’t be lower than 1.

Bannerjee serves as the head of security of Tuek’s Sietch. A stout, intimidating hulk of o man with a jaded outlook on life, he is a reliable ally when it comes to protecting Esmar’s best interests.

  • Gain 30% more when pillaging a village Gain Plascrete by pillaging a village.
The House Harkonnen.

House Harkonnen shares its chilling reputation with Its leader, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. They have been called despotic, merciless, scheming, and devious. And those are only their finer qualities.
Faction Bonuses-

  • Can use the Oppression Ability on Harkonnen villages.
  • +5% Village resource production per active militia Always knows the Influence flows of the other 4 factions.
  • +-10% Village resource production.
Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen.

Glossu’s younger brother and the Baron’s favoured nephew, Feyd-Rautha, has all it takes to uphold his family’s sadistic culture. An unmatched duelist and charismatic leader, he is the chosen No-Baron of House Harkonnen, destined to take over his uncle’s legacy.

  • Can use Corruption on Landsraad resolutions, causing a loss of Landsraad Standing for the elected faction.
  • Gain 10 Influence upon killing Rebel.
Piter De Vries.

Piter is a twisted Mentor that is a human-computer but bred on planet Tietlax with much less ethical constraints in mind than their regular counterparts.

  • Reduces the Authority cost to annex a Village depending on available & Water.
  • Reduces the cost to Install Underworld Headquarters depending on available Water.
  • Ornithopters unit has the Infiltration.
Rabban Harkonnen.

Nicknamed the Beast after murdering his own father, the Count of Lankivell is every bit as evil and corrupt as his uncle, Baron Harkonnen. Rabban only rules through violence and terror, making him a dreaded and despised leader.

  • +10 Militia slot.
  • Oppression duration increased by -55 per militia in the village.
Lakin Nefud.

Lakin is the Captain of the House Harkonnen guard. While regarded as decently reliable while on duty, he is a known Semuta oddict which, to some, is enough to cast doubt on all of his abilities.

  • 50% of all your Military Unit costs are refunded upon their death.
  • -50% Combat Drugs mission cost.
The House Atreides.

The stellar reputation of House Atreides owes a lot to its leader’s commanding style: firm yet honorable and fair. By Imperial decree, the Atreides had just Inherited the stewardship of Arrakis and had a lot of work to do to take over from the Harkonnens.

Faction Bonuses-

  • Can use the Peaceful Annexation Ability.
  • Other factions lose no Authority from treaties with you.
  • Benefits more from a high Landsraad Standing.
  • Cannot pillage neutral villages.
Lady Jessica.

The Lady Jessica is Duke Leto’s concubine. Although she is a Bene Gesserit, her loyalty always goes to house Atreldes before the Sisterhood.

  • Allows you to impose any treaty upon other factions for 50 Influence. They will need 100 authorities to refuse. Starts with the Non-Aggression Pact Treaty unlocked.
Duncan Idaho.

One of Leto’s most trusted men and House Atreides Swordmaster, Duncan, was tasked with being Leto’s ambassador to the Fremen upon their arrival on Arrakis.

  • All relation gains with Sletch are increased by 100%.
  • -10% Authority cost to annex a Village.
Thufir Hawat.

Thufir is an elderly Mentat- a human-computer, and also House Atreides Master of Assassins. Renowned in the Landsroad for being both outstandingly cunning and honourable, Thufir is also a mentor in the art of work and political instructions.

  • Your 2 Agents have 1 additional trait.
  • Your Villages gain +20% resource production for 2 days when their region is targeted by one or more operations.
Gurney Halleck.

Warmaster and poet, Gurney’s indefectible loyalty and long service to House Atreides corned him the status of a valued friend and confidant. While not exactly a handsome man, his combined abilities to sing and fight without missing a note make him both a charismatic and fearsome figure.

  • Unlocks the Veteran Militia unit.
  • Military units start with 1 more & Experience level.
Final words.

So, these were the Dune Spice Wars, all factions, and councilors of Dune Spice Wars.

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