Rogue Legacy 2- How And Where To Get Aethers Wing

Rogue Legacy 2Rogue Legacy 2 is so far the best release of the 2022 rogue-like game with a hybrid mixture of adaptation and useful upgrades. The legacy is carried out and each heir is independent of the traits but heirlooms are carried or passed out if any of the heirs managed to learn or reach it. It might be the end of the road for one heir but it opens the world’s secret or stage secret which the predecessor cannot have learned about and without their help it cannot be still touched upon in Rogue Legacy 2.

On our first run, we might be caught off guard and shaky as we still are learning the controls and enemies attack style/pattern. One thing is necessary i.e. heirlooms which will simply unlock new passive skills and make it possible to run higher-level stage or even the current stage with grace. Each stage or world is connected at some point to each other and we have visited the Stygian Study which stands as a Risk Level 4 stage or area. To explore the area we will need Aethers Wing and to learn how to get it and what is Aethers Wing, we have compiled this small article dedicated to it for the new curious players.

How And Where To Get Aethers Wing In Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2The Insight related to Aether’s Wing is Far Shores as shown in the image above. Aethers Wing allows you to Double Jump which we can understand how useful it can be while exploring as well as during combat. The air maneuver you can perform will drag you out of from all the clutch situations victorious.

Rogue Legacy 2

The above image is where you will find the Aether’s Wing i.e. on the far right side of the third stage “Kerguelen Plateau” or the snow world. Next, all our HP and MP will be refilled after interacting with the wings. The Aether’s Challenge “What Once was Lost” will begin at Kerguelen Plateau itself. “Prove your worth to Aether and gain his Power of Zephyr”.

Spoiler Alert: To complete the challenge and obtain the Heirloom Aether’s Wing, you will need to simply complete the parkour challenge that involves a Double Jump.

Aether’s Wing is crucial and needed to be unlocked in order to access the third Throne Room as well as the higher 4-6 star level stages. For the third Throne Room, we will need two of the lilies. Double Jump or Dash Jump will make your job easier to reach certain heights. Make sure you have 20 Resolve as each Lily requires 10, and once “a lily of the valley” is obtained. Reach the Throne Room that will unlock the Door for future runs.

You will fight the third of the Estuaries who has the favorable environmental conditions to entrap you and punish you for wrong moves. Once you get her attack pattern it will seem easier with better heroes and traits. Relics or say Hermes Boot will be very useful in this area which we all must agree on when you see the boss stage.

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