The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe How To Access New Contents?

The Stanley Parable: Ultra DeluxeAs you may know, the Stanley Parable was a video game released in 2013 on home computers. After receiving critical and commercial success, the game got updated and get expanded in 2022. The Stanley Parable Ultra-Deluxe is a game reimagining for consoles and home computers.

The Stanley Parable ultra-deluxe features exciting new content that broadens and expands the world of the Stanley Parable. It also comes up with thrilling new adventures that you can explore when you play the Ultra-Deluxe. Through this article, you will get to know how you can access Ultra-Deluxe new content.

How To Access The Stanley Parable Ultra-Deluxe New Contents?

At the time when you will start playing the game, the game will ask whether you have played the Stanley Parable game before. If you answered that you have never played The Stanley Parable, you have to go through up to 7-8 different endings before going through the new content. If you answered that you had played The Stanley Parable before then, you have to play through 2-3 different endings before you go through the new content appears.

No matter what your answer is, you still have to complete the game’s main ending, known as the Freedom Ending. The Freedom Ending has a few more loopholes in the Stanley Parable Ultra-Deluxe version.

Once you complete the Freedom Ending, you will start seeing the effects of the new content of Ultra-Deluxe. Just before the Two Doors chamber, you’ll see a new, slightly ajar door that will have a sign on it saying “New Content”.

When you go through this door, you will get access to New Content of the Ultra-Deluxe version. You will go through a small but excellent ride of exploring new content of the Stanley Parable Ultra-Deluxe. When this small ride ends, you will be on a small circle where you have to press the interact button to play the new content.

Once you start playing the new content, the game will get restarted. After the game gets restarted, you will go throw a vent where you will discover that the Narrator has constructed a Memory Hall where you may relive the golden days of the original game.

In the Memory Hall, you will see a note in which the Narrator says, “I am confident that The Stanley Parable does not require any extra content, features, or sequels“. However, you have to press a skip button for their speeches after reading certain Steam Reviews, which will leave Stanley alone in a lonely wasteland after going ahead too far.

Final Words.

So, this is how you can access the ultra-deluxe new content of Stanley Parable.

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