The Serpent Rogue- How To Use Stealth And Pickpocket

The Serpent Rogue

In the Serpent Rogue game, you can stealth and pickpocket targets without even killing them. But to do stealth and pickpocket, first, you have to learn how you can use the stealth and pickpocket feature on your targets. Through this article, you will get to know how you can use the stealth and pickpocket feature in the Serpent Rogue.

How To Stealth In The Serpent Rogue?

To stealth in the game, you can hide yourself in the bush. When you hide yourself under the bush, you will get invisible, and your targets will not be able to see you. Bushes can be found at the Abandoned House. The bushes can also be found in the Wasteland. Each time when you will revisit the location, Bushes will get respawn. While still hidden in the bush, you can move between places. You can enter certain locations and steal while remaining unnoticed.

How To Pickpocket In The Serpent Rogue?

Look for a bush to hide under. By doing this, you can approach your target and investigate your target before attempting to steal something random from them. Your attempt to steal will occasionally fail, leaving you to fight with your target or run away from your target.

Some Extra Ways To Stealth And Pickpocket

Obtain 15 Rat Hairs in the game. You can make a potion that turns you into a Rat by collecting 15 Rat Hairs. Rat Hair Mangragore is the main ingredient in the potion. After you become Rat, hold down the Spacebar to activate your special talent, which is hiding and pickpocketing.
Another way to stealth and pickpocket is using the statues in the Wasteland. You can teleport to various locations while maintaining your current form by using the statues in the Wasteland.

Final Words

So this is how you can use the stealth and pickpocket feature in the Serpent Rogue game. For more guides on The Serpent Rogue, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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