The Serpent Rogue- How To Gather Followers?

The Serpent Rogue

If a player wishes to defeat The Serpent Rogue in the Serpent Rogue game, then that player must travel to the corrupted areas of the world, which require a specific item to cleanse. To cleanse the area, the player must have to drop 100 gold coins into the Camp fountain and then have to build a tool to cleanse a specific area. However, the player needs human followers to carry the cleansing tool.

So if you are one of those players who don’t know how you can gather human followers in the game, then read this article till the end. Through this article, you will get to know how you can gather human followers in The Serpent Rogue game.

The Serpent Rogue How to Gather Followers?

To begin, you must first unlock the Pier to the east of The Camp. Unlocking the Pier is quite simple, and once you have unlocked it, you will have to you’ll speak with the Harbormaster. Later, Harbormaster will help you in gathering human followers. You can recruit an unlimited number of human followers as long as you have money.

You can employ up to four followers, with numbers ranging from single digits to triple digits. By looking at each follower’s stats and inspecting their inventory, you can examine them. It is an excellent way to get a bargain on an item. Simply select the follower(s) you want to hire and hold the button down and exit the screen. Now the human followers will start following you.

Final Words.

You can use human followers to fight along with you. Along with this, you can use human followers to carry your stuff. Simply hire ten inexpensive marshmallows and return them back to camp in order to earn the Marshmallows by the Fire achievement.

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