The Serpent Rogue – How To Cross Vines And Unlock Pier?

The Serpent Rogue

Players will find many exciting places to visit, mysteries to solve, and cures to discover and crafts in the Serpent Rogue game. In the game’s early stages, the player will find the “Rogue” at the Camp. The Rogue will give information to the player about how vines block the Pier. To go over The Wasteland, the player must cross Vines and unlock Pier. Here’s how a player can cross Vines and unlock Pier.

The Serpent Rogue How to cross Vines?

Players have to find and acquire a lit torch in order to cross Vines. To obtain a lit torch, the player must travel to The Wastelands and have to search the area to acquire a lit torch. The player may have to wait for the Corruption Storm to wipe away the area and reset it a few times if it is getting hard to light the torch.

Along with this, there is also another way to get a lit torch. The player can craft the lit torch if the player has 1 Log and 1 Textile. A player can buy Log and Textile in the shop to the north.
So this is how a player can cross Vines. Now let’s go through how the player can unlock Pier.

The Serpent Rogue How to unlock Pier?

Once the player gets the lit torch, the player has to head back to the Camp and equip it. Now the player has to cross the vines. Once the player crosses the Vines, there will be some unlit torches; using your lit torchlight up the unlit torches. Once all unlit have been lighted, the path to The Pier will get unlocked.

Final words.

So this is how players can cross Vines and unlock the Pier. Go through the Pier, talk to The Harbormaster, and give him some gold. By doing this, Harbormaster will help in unlocking human followers.

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