Prosperous Universe – Beginner Guide

Prosperous UniverseThe Prosperous Universe is quite a nice game that is about space economics. In the Prosperous Universe, you will play the role of the CEO of your own spacefaring company. The Prosperous Universe allows you to explore the galaxy, design spaceships, and forge alliances. And along with this, the game allows you to produce, trade, transport, and make a profit to run your spacefaring company.

To play the Prosperous Universe, you will have to understand many things. So if you are a new player in Prosperous Universe, then this article is for you. This article will give you a beginner guide to the Prosperous Universe.

Beginner Guide For Prosperous Universe

You have to choose a starting location that is close to a Commodity Exchange. Fuel is quite expensive in the game, and if you take a short trip to Commodity Exchange, the trip will make buy a quite good amount of fuel which can convert your short trip to Commodity Exchange into a trip into a losing transaction. So if you don’t want to convert your short trip into a losing transaction, you’ll have to choose a starting location that is close to a Commodity Exchange.

While starting the production of goods, don’t ignore production time. Imagine that you are producing two different products. The selling price of the first product is 237 credits, and its production time is 1 day and 8 hours for four units. Whereas the selling price of the second product is 90.03 credits, and its production time is 10 hours for four units. So if you calculate, in 32 hours, you can only produce four units of the first product which will generate 948 credits in sales. Whereas in 30 hours, you can produce twelve units of a second product which will generate 1,080.36 credits in sales. You can clearly see that; the second product is generating more sales than the first product. So keep this thing in mind that the product that is the highest selling sometimes cannot be the most profitable.

In the game, if you will start production, a production fee will be charged by the government. Although the price is usually small, if your credit balance falls below zero, you will be unable to produce further products.

In order to sell your products, you have to transport your products to the Commodity Exchange. If you do not transport your products to the Commodity Exchange, you will not be able to sell them.

Prosperous Universe is a game that takes a long time to complete. In real-time, production processes can take four to thirty-two hours to get complete. It’s not common to select your production time and then leave the game for several hours.

Final Words.

So that’s all; the Prosperous Universe beginner guide ends right here. Now you are all ready to play the Prosperous Universe as a beginner.

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