Winkeltje The Little Shop How Can You Specialize Your Shop?

Winkeltje The Little Shop

Winkeltje The Little Shop, specializing in your shop is actually quite easy and simple. To specialize your shop, you just need to sell items in one category. When you sell items in one selected category, your customers will stop asking for anything else outside of your selected category.

There are six different categories:

  • Tailor: Sells clothing
  • Farmer: Sells raw food
  • Blacksmith:  Sells tools
  • Cook:  Sells cooked meals
  • Alchemist:  Sells potions and remedies
  • Resource Vendor: Sells raw resources
  • Merchant: When there is no specialization, you become a generalist.

How can you change your specialization?

In starting of the game, if you are playing the game as a generalist but wish to change your specialization, then you can change your specialization. Customers make purchasing decisions depending on what you are selling in your store. As customers have five-day memory, so try to have to be patient enough for those five days and only put items in the store that are related to your new specialization.

Now, when you start selling with your new specialization for you, there will be a high chance that you’ll lose out on some sales, and maybe you will make some of your customers unhappy. However, there is no need to be worried because, in the long term, this type of decision may be the best for your shop and revenues.

You can see what your current specialization is and what items are part of it by going to the Specialization menu. When you just show and sell items from a specific item category, your shop will become known for selling that category item, and customers will understand and change their demands.

Final Words.

This is how you allow yourself to specialize entirely in one item category or in a few different item categories. So this is what Winkeltje: the little shop specialization and how it works guide was all about.

Winkeltje: The Little Shop is a fun game where players construct, decorate, and start their own old-world fantasy shop. From nails and apples to swords and alchemical love potions, buy low and sell high.

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