The Serpent Rogue- How To Create Shovel And Axe

The Serpent RogueIn The Serpent Rogue, the game starts with you as a Warden and Corruption chasing you. It cleverly shows what is currently threatening the world. After getting out of the unknown dark land, all the ingredients and treasures are collected that can be later used for crafting useful items such as foods to quench our hunger, crafting battle potions and forging weapons, etc. There is so much to know and in the first area where you obtain the Portable Lab, we found that there are places marked on the map that contains treasure or valuable stuck behind a log or need to dig in order to obtain. For that, we will need a Shovel and Axe which we have not access to or obtained. Therefore, if you are wondering how to create shovels and axes or find them, then we have it all covered.

How To Create Shovel And Axe In The Serpent Rogue

There are two ways to obtain items basically, the first and not recommended one is to kill other humans or skeletons that wander in your camp that have shovels, axes, or other valuable items in their inventory. It is not consistent as the items carried in their inventory are RNG and even if they have the durability will be so low for only one or two uses.

The second and most important way to obtain items is to craft them. In the next area where your camp is located, you will find a blacksmith area where you can forge items but as we don’t have a recipe it might seem like a gamble to lose the precious ingredients at the beginning. However, once you craft something, the recipe will be listed for you.

To craft a Shovel and Ax, you will need Logs and Metal Scraps as your only ingredients. Charcoal is necessary for Forging which you would obtain after cooking any food.

  • Shovel: Logs x1, Metal Scraps x1
  • Axe: Logs x1, Metal Scraps x2

A shovel is used to dig hidden treasures that will be marked on your map while exploring. If used as a weapon it deals 3 damage.

An Axe is used to chop off woods or normal trees to obtain pieces of logs. If used as a weapon it deals 3 damage.

These are useful but heavier tools that are required from the beginning for exploration and uncovering lores. If you want more recipes for Forging and Cooking then we are working on it which will be published shortly.

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