The Serpent Rogue- How To Cook Food And All Cooking Recipe List

The Serpent RogueIn The Serpent Rogue food is an absolute necessity for your character as well other animals who has potential and need to be tamed. The animals eat specific or favorite foods which will be mentioned in your Journal when you have discovered enough of them. Apart from keeping your Stamina up, this allows your character to tame and befriend wild and powerful animals who can help in combat as well as serves you well in sorting out inventory space. Therefore, we have compiled the list of all cooking recipes that we have found and how much stamina or hunger they recover.

How To Cook Food And All Cooking Recipe List For The Serpent Rogue

To Cook food first, we need ingredients and fuel. Fuel is simply the logs that you will find next to the cooking area during the start and later on can be farmed by cutting woods. With regards to ingredients, the raw food can be cooked alone first to unlock the recipe such as mentioned below.

Note: Raw Ingredient -----> Recipe (Stamina Recovery)
  • Apple —–> Baked Apple (5)
  • Cheese —–> Cheese On A Stick (5)
  • Devil’s Pepper —–> Sizzling Pepper (4)
  • Egg —–> Sunny-Side Up (5)
  • Mushroom —–> Fried Shrooms (5)
  • Pumpkin —–> Cooked Pumpkin (6)
  • Raw Meat —–> Choice Steak (6)
  • Tomato —–> Hot Tomato (5)

The complications are when two or three raw ingredients are cooked together to find a recipe.

Two Ingredient Foods
  • Egg + Cheese —–> Simple Cheese Omelette (20)
  • Egg + Mushroom —–> Sauteed Mushroom Omelette (20)
  • Egg + Raw Meat —–> Beef ‘n’ Eggs (20)
  • Egg + Tomato —–> Vegetable Omelette (20)
Three Ingredient Foods
  • Egg + Seeds + Apple —–> 2x Rustic Apple Tart (25)
  • Egg + Seeds + Raw Fish —–> 2x Smoked Fish Pasty (25)
  • Devil’s Pepper + Tomato + Raw Fish —–> 3x Spicy Fish Stew (30)
  • Egg + Seeds + Raw Meat —–> 2x Baked Meat Pie (25)
  • Devil’s Pepper + Cheese + Raw Meat —–> 3x Piquant Meat Ragout (30)
  • Devil’s Pepper + Cheese + Mushroom —–> 3x Peppered Mushrooms (30)
  • Egg + Seeds + Pumpkin —–> 2x Homemade Pumpkin Pie (25)
  • Devil’s Pepper + Tomato + Cheese —–> 3x Fiery Tomato Soup (30)

These foods can also be used to tame wild animals and gain benefits from them. The perks and inventory space can be viewed as well as their current stats. For more guides on The Serpent Rogue, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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