The Serpent Rogue- All Forging Recipe Or Items That Can Be Crafted

The Serpent Rogue

In The Serpent Rogue, we have no battle items like swords or any type of equipment are provided at the beginning except for a few damage and healing potions which were recovered from the chest. Eventually, you will obtain or find raw materials such as logs, and metal scraps along your way. As we know that the recipes are not available from the beginning rather we have to experiment and learn recipes from multiple combinations of raw materials that amount to something or nothing. However, once you have discovered the recipe, it will be listed which will help you to forge items easily. Therefore, in this guide, we have mentioned all the items that you can craft or forge in the blacksmith marker.

All Forging Recipe Or Items That Can Be Crafted In The Serpent Rogue

Instead of consuming precious materials that will forge to nothing, we have listed all the working recipes which were found either by experimenting or the recipe obtained from the Treasure Chests. All the Forging Recipes are listed below.

Note: Raw Material -----> Finished Product
  • Log + Metal Scrap —–>Axe  [Chop Woods]
  • Log + 2x Metal Scrap —–> Shovel  [Digging]
  • Log + 3x Metal Scrap —–> Sword  [Used as a weapon]
  • Log + Textile —–> Torch  [Used as a Black Thorn removal]
  • Log + 2x Textile —–> Broom  [Reduce Target’s Age by 3]
  • Log + Textile + 2x Spectral Fuel —–> Claw Amulet  [Increase melee damage +5]
  • Log + Metal Scrap + 2x Spectral Fuel —–> Banisher  [Deals 20 damage to Soulless]
  • 2x Log + Textile + Metal Scrap —–> Portable Lab  [To research ingredients and brew potions]
  • 3x Log + Metal Scrap —–> Stag  [Disarm Traps]
  • Metal Scrap + 3x Spectral Fuel —–> Virtue Ring  [Soulless stacks cannot be applied]
  • 2x Metal Scrap —–> Picklock  [To open treasure chests]
  • 2x Metal Scrap + 2x Spectral Fuel —–> Silver Cross  [5% chance to negate damage]
  • 3x Metal Scrap —–> Trap  [To immobilize and damage enemies]
  • Empty Bottle + 3x Spectral Fuel —–> Blood Amulet  [Increase Vitality +10]

Once the recipes are listed in your Journal it is fairly easy to forge another one when you have enough coal for the process. For more guides on The Serpent Rogue, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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