Dune Spice Wars How To Harvest More Spice & All About Spices In Game

Dune Spice Wars is a strategy game inspired by the Frank Hubert novel “Dune” developed by Shiro Games. If you have read the novel or seen the first part of the movie you will have an idea about spices. Spices are the main important resource in the Dune universe found on the planet of Arrakis.

There are three types of factions under the imperial that are taxed to collect spices from the planet Arrakis. The faction that controls all the spices points will be the richest faction in the universe. In the game, you need to make a refinery to harvest spices.

You need to pay an imperial tax of spices to the imperium, if you are fremen you need to pay to the spacing guild. If you fail to do so, negative stats will be applied to your faction. Below you will find how to harvest more spices and all about spices in the game.

Dune Spice Wars How To Harvest More Spices

To harvest more spices you need to first control more villages that have spices in their region and build refineries. You can also make Spice Silos that will increase the spice harvest by 20% in the village and its neighbour. But to build the Spice Silos, you need to first complete the development called “Arrakis Secret”.

With this development, you will also be able to add 1 more crew to the harvester. Below the Arrakis Secret development, you will also find the “Spice Market” development. This development will also add 1 more crew to the harvest resulting in more spice harvest.

If you are playing any other action than Fremen you need to keep the auto recall feature on your harvest or it will be destroyed by the sand worm. You can also trade spices with other players for different resources that your faction needs or lacks.

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