Dune Spice Wars How To Get More Solari & Increase Army Size

Dune Spice Wars is a strategy game inspired by the Frank Hubert novel “Dune” developed by Shiro Games. Solari is the official currency of Imperium and is used to support various buildings and armies. You can check the amount of Solari your faction is generating and how the buildings are consuming on the top menu of the game.

As the currency is the only source to fund the buildings and armies in the game, you need to generate a sufficient amount else it will go down to zero, and there will be unrest in your village. To best way to generate Solari is by harvesting Spice. You can check out our previous guide on all about spice in the Dune game and how to harvest more of it.

Dune Spice Wars How To Get More Solari

At the top left corner of the game, you will find a slider that determines how much spice goes to Choam and into the stockpile. The spices that go into Choam instantly get converted into Solari while the stockpiled spice can be traded or given as Imperial tax.

You can increase or decrease this slider depending on the amount of Solari you needed and stockpile for the next tax season. You can also use Oppression if you are playing the Harkonnen faction. To use Oppression you need to select a village and on the bottom left side of the menu, you will find the button to use it.

The other way to get Solari is by finding a special region or a region with a rare element. Capture the village of these regions and build a processing plant to increase your Solari production by +30. You can also build a maintenance center to reduce the upkeep of the buildings. The maintenance center will reduce the Solari and plascrete usage by buildings by -30%.

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