Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator- Redeem Codes Working For April 2022

Roblox Sonic Speed SimulatorIn Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator which is of course a sonic-themed Roblox game. In this we start from Level 1 when our speed is kinda normal and as we explore the tracks and collect diamonds which is XP to level up our abilities and increase our running speed. We would also acquire rings to purchase trails or in-game items. However, there is a section “Redeem Codes” at Shop which intrigues our curiosity about what is the code and what does it gives us? Well, we have it all covered in this post.

Redeem Codes Working For April 2022 For Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

Roblox Sonic Speed SimulatorThe code which can be entered for the special reward is “RIDERS”. It is not case sensitive and after entering that in the redeem codes section, you will obtain a character “Riders Sonic” as shown in the image above.

In your character section, there are more locked characters that can be unlocked when you collect the ID or card placed on some bizarre places. For us to collect all characters we will need to level up our character initially as we would require speed and higher jumps which is possible at a higher level.

After redeeming the code, you can change your default character and immerse yourself in the world of Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator to challenge other competitors and be flashy as you can. We are working on unlocking all the characters and how to get a valuable pet that will save lots of your coins that can be used for customization later on.

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