Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator- How To Get Knuckles Skin Fast

Roblox Sonic Speed SimulatorIn Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator there are characters that are locked initially which can be unlocked after exploring and collecting the ID card of that character placed somewhere hidden in each level. Similarly, to obtain Knuckles, you will need to farm XP and coins efficiently at the first level. To obtain Knuckles which is essential, we would require our own Sonic character to reach level 50 at least to be allowed to Rebirth. In this guide, we have mentioned to you the fastest way to grind and unlock Rare Knuckle’s skin.

How To Get Knuckles Skin Fast At Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

As we start our adventure from Level 1, our speed and jump are too low which we would focus on at an early stage. While collecting XP’s in the form of diamonds, try to farm coins as well because it will be critical to level up faster. Once we have accumulated 600 gold coins, it will be wise to purchase a Trail or Chao in order to receive bonus XP and gold coins. Repeat the process!

While upgrading a level, it is necessary to unlock a new World level or lobby which in this case would be the World level 2 “Lost Valley Lobby”. In this World, you can level up faster as the concentration of diamonds is higher than at the first level. Reach level 50 to unlock Rebirth and start from Level 1 which is absolutely necessary to unlock the next World i.e. “Emerald Hill Lobby”.

Roblox Sonic Speed SimulatorAt this moment, you will be hitting 35-40 Levels which is good, and if the level is more then the merrier. As shown in the image, you will find a Knuckles ID card on top of the platform. To reach there, you can either bounce all the way top with the help of springs placed on the wall as shown in the image below. You will find a Vending Machine, move forward until you see a ramp which will lead you to the Knuckles card ultimately.

Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator


Once you collect Knuckles, it will be unlocked and you can race all over the world with the infamous red hedgehog. If you want to learn to redeem codes or how to get a pet and its uses then we have other guides dedicated to it.

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