Lost Ark- Coolkur Beer Cooking And Collecting Ingredients Guide

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In Lost Ark apart from immersing deep into the Dungeons and PvP, the Adventurer’s Tome for each continent is an inevitable hurdle that needs to be completed 100% in order to obtain the Ignea’s Token. To complete a single continent and that too 100% which includes all Collectibles, Hidden Stories, Monsters, Bosses, Dungeons, Vista, Rapport, Triport is more of a grinding and impossible task that can be achieved but not so easy as we think. To ease it a little bit, we will talk about one of the cooking recipes or food i.e. Coolkur Beer required to be crafted/cooked in order to mark it done in this specific post.

Coolkur Beer Cooking And Collecting Ingredients Guide For Lost Ark

It’s a no-brainer that first, we need to complete Main Quest or Story of the Continent obviously. To cook Coolkur Beer we will need two necessary ingredients i.e. Old Shoes, and Craft Beer. To obtain all the ingredients for Coolkur Beer we need to use Triport at Black Anvil Mine, Temporary Shelter. There would be 2 quests i.e. Silverbior “The Temperature Of Beer” as shown in the image below and Miner Schmor “The Work Goes On”.

Lost Ark

After completing the following task, a new quest related to it will resurface i.e. at Black Anvil Path near the Sleepy Shelter Triport. Complete the quest i.e. Kahar “In Search Of Legendary Beer” which has three parts of Story Progress. The final Story i.e. “Follow Your Nose” completed for Kahar will reward you with Craft Beer.

Now for the most troublesome part, you will need to open Una’s Task and hover onto Reputation Status on top of that. When Una’s Task is involved we know that it is not going to be easy. Select and accept the KA-BOOM! task which will require you at least 15 days to complete it in the same area. Once you complete Una’s Task for 15 days, claim the reward Old Boots.

Now to cook or craft the Coolkur Beer, you will need to visit Cook Bazur which can be located in Uracha Market at Great Castle Yorn. Visit Bazur where Adventurer’s Tome Specialties list will be presented from where Coolkur Beer will cost you silver coins from now. Bound it to your Roster and it can be used to find hidden places till the buff lasts. After using it, you will obtain Emptied Kulkrazan which will be used to refill the Coolkur Beer for 1000 silver coins by the Cook Bazur.

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