Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga- How To Farm Studs & Use Multiplier

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Stud is a currency that will allow you to purchase the characters, capital ships, and all the extra features including the Stud Multipliers. Basically, everything you want or need can be purchased by consuming Studs. However, the amount of Stud farmed or collected per mission varies which makes players grind a lot. To farm or simply rain the studs, we will need to invest and unlock at least Stud Multiplier x2. Then again we will need Data Card and Studs to purchase these Multipliers, so in the end we all need is a good old stud. Therefore, in this post, we have mentioned which mission you can focus on Free Play that gives you an edge on farming to reach a million mark to purchase the first Stud Multiplier.

How To Farm Studs & Use Multiplier In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

In the beginning, the limited amount of Studs we earn after destroying structures or performing tasks is very minimum. It will never be in your mind unless you have an interest or motive to purchase something specific but once we learn that Stud can be used to purchase loads of things and in this case everything in the Lego world, we focus on inventing or finding an efficient way to farm these coins.

Without any hesitation, we focus on progressing through the episodes and reaching the endgame. As we unlock new chapters and episodes, we learn that few chapters are short or straightforward, unlike others. Next, we need to find a chapter and a way to earn Studs in the fastest way with lesser consumption of time. We came up with Episodes 4 and 9 i.e. “Stay On Target” and “A Skip and a Jump” mission. Both missions are straightforward as we destroy the structures and ship by simply holding the Fire button and earning tons of studs. It will take up to 3-4 mins max to complete a mission or level in a Free Play.

Without Stud Multiplier it has a pretty nice earning and once Stud Multiplier is used, the earning will increase a hundredfold. The Stud Multiplier stacks with each other, so if we are using only Stud x2 and Stud x4, the result will be 8 times the total Stud earned. Similarly, if we unlock all Stud Multiplier then the final result will be 3840 times the total Stud earned. If we have unlocked this amount of Stud Multiplier then at this point the shortage of Stud and worry is out of your mind.

Ultimately, the first thing you need to unlock is the Stud multiplier, and for extra income, there are buffs or upgrades such as Bounty Hunter Upgrades i.e. “Hidden Bounties” and Core Upgrades i.e. “Attract Studs”. All the extra helps are welcomed as even if we earn few studs more with the help of these upgrades, it will mass up your storage eventually and if Stud Multipliers are applied then you can imagine how much they will be worth.

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