Kirby And The Forgotten Land All Blueprints Location & How To Get

kirby and the forgotten land
Credit – Nintendo

Kirby And The Forgotten Land is a platform video game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. As you know the main power of Kirby comes from inhaling various objects, creatures and acquiring their characteristics ability.

In this game, copy blueprints are used to evolve and upgrade the abilities of Kirby. Some of these blueprints can be found by defeating the world bosses while others are hidden in secret locations. You need to find these copy blueprints after which you can upgrade them in the Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Blueprints Location

Noble Ranger

After defeating the World 2 boss you will get the noble ranger blueprints, beware of the coconuts falling from above.

Space Ranger

In the world 6-2 at the end where you will jump onto a boat, go straight to the end platform. Climb the ladder and on the right side, you will find a flying target. You need to use your ranger ability and break the target to obtain the space ranger blueprint.

Toy Hammer Blueprint

In world 3-1 you will get a quest to water all the wilted flowers, on the right side you will find a platform that will go down upon cleaning the dirt. You will find the final flower once you jump down into the platform. After watering all the flowers you will get the toy hammer blueprints.

Wild Hammer Blueprint

In Worlds 5-3 you will face a mini-boss called wild bonkers, in that same room you will find a treasure chest that will be locked. You need to open the gate to open the treasure and obtain the wild hammer blueprint. After defeating the mini-boss, you need to hit both the nails on the right side wall and left the side floor that has a star sign.

Masked Hammer Blueprint

After completing the game, go to the Waddle Dee town near the colosseum and interact with King Dedede and you will get the masked hammer blueprint.

Time Crash Blueprint

In area 3-3 invasion at the house of horrors where you find the final cake to complete the quest “Eat 3 of ghost’s hidden snacks” just after that you will find stairs. On the left side of the stairs, you will find a secret tunnel that you need to enter to find the time crash blueprint.

Dragon Fire

In world 4 you come across an area with shooting canons. On the left side, you will find the block of ice that you need to melt and use the mouthful mode on the platform car. Then ride it to the right side and raise the platform and reach the treasure chest to find the dragon fire blueprint.

Buzz Saw

In the world 5 searching the oasis mission, you will come across an area with a lot of poison and a platform from where you need to jump to the right side. On the top side of the platform behind the bush, you can find a hidden treasure chest that contains the buzz saw blueprint.

Gigant Sword

After defeating the world 3-2 mini boss Wild Edge, you will obtain the gigant sword blueprint in the treasure chest.

Meta Knight Sword

Defeat Meta Knight in the Coliseum in the Waddle town to obtain the meta knight sword blueprint.

Chain Bomb

In the world 2 mission of fast-flowing waterworks. After finding the golden fish you will be awarded a treasure chest and inside the chest, you will find the chain bomb equipment.

Homing Bomb

You need to defeat King Dedede in world 4 to obtain the homing bomb blueprints.

Storm Tornado

In the world 6 level 4 gathering of the beast council mission, you need to defeat Clawroline. After defeating her you need to go straight near the stair and on the right side, you will find a nook where the storm tornado blueprint.

Fleur Tornado

In world 3 the Wonderia dream parade mission, you need to fill water into Kirby and shoot them into vehicles to destroy walls and find hidden waddles.  Once you have destroyed a wall to find a waddle, you can again push shoot the vehicles to break the second wall behind the waddle to find the Fleur Tornado blueprint.

Pencil Drill

After defeating Clawroline at the end of world 3 you will be rewarded with the pencil drill blueprint.

Twin Drill

In the world 5 moonlight canyon mission, before entering into the cave, you will find a barrel with a collapsible rock in front of it. You need to break the barrel to obtain the twin drill blueprint.

Deep Sleep

In world 6 the mission of burning, churning power plant you will come across two machines that flattens objects. You need to wait for the right side machine to go up, and go to the end of the right side.

Once the machine is down you will find a platform to jump on to the left and go up. Similarly, you will find the tunnel on the left side machine that you can fly inside. Jump from the right side platform to the left side tunnel and inside the tunnel you will find the deep sleep blueprint.

Clutter Needle

In the world 2 mission scale the cement summit, you will find 9 cube metal doors on the floor. You will find a bomb switch on the top of the platform in the front that you need a break that blasts the metal door and you will obtain the clutter needle blueprint.

Crystal Needle

After defeating the mini-boss Fleurina in world 5 on the left side you will find a treasure chest and inside it, you will find a crystal needle blueprint.

Frosty Ice

After defeating the mini-boss twin wild frosty in world 4 bridge you will find the frosty ice blueprint in the treasure chest.

Blizzard Ice

Defeat the boss Sillydillo in world 5 to obtain the blizzard ice blueprint.

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