Ghostwire Tokyo- Which Abilities You Need To Upgrade First?

ghostwire tokyoIn Ghostwire Tokyo during the tutorial phase at the first chapter, we learn how to combat and expose cores, store Spirit Fragments, and earn XP to level up. Each time you level up equals how strong your character can become and synergize with the abilities after investing skill points on it. There are 3 categories of abilities and to speak Ethereal Weaving is quite an appealing and popular choice of players where all the Skill Points will be dumped mostly. However, there are many more important abilities that need to be unlocked first in order to help you explore seamlessly.

Which Abilities You Need To Upgrade First In Ghostwire Tokyo

The most straightforward ability you need to upgrade first will be the Glides Duration Boost 2 which makes Akito glide on the air for a total duration of 5 seconds. It will cost you 25 Skill Points and 3 Magatama only. Magatama can be earned by completing the side missions or purchasing it from the shop in exchange for Meika.

The second ability, you must focus on would be Grapple Summon Tengu. It allows your exploration easy as we have to climb the skyscrapers for the tasks and Spirit fragments. Instead of traveling on the road, the combination of Glides and Grapple will allow you to soar high and jump from one building to another effortlessly. The exploration will become quite easy at an expense of 45 Skill Points and 7 Magatama.

The third ability to watch out for would be Perfect Block (Ether Boost) as you can parry easily in this game or block the attacks usually as there are no dodge mechanics except moving in a linear direction. 15 Skill Points for the skill that will allow you to grab Ethers when you parry is an unlimited source of Ethers in combat.

If we focus on combat, dumping Skill Points on Wind Weaving will be a wise choice as the number of Wind attacks you can perform is higher than Water and Fire combined. Buffing your elementals damage by equipping Prayer Beads will expose and purge their cores quickly. The most time taking part of this game is an exploration and to make it quicker, upgrade the mentioned abilities and move from one area to another easily. For more guides on Ghostwire Tokyo, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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