Ghostwire Tokyo- How Long And How Many Chapters And Side Missions?

ghostwire tokyo

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, we simply start slowly and get a hang of each yokai type and your abilities that can deal damage to them efficiently to expose their core quickly in order to purge them. Combat time varies individually for each player whereas there are multiple side missions to complete. You can ignore it all and blindly rush on completing the main story to learn what happens at the end. Each playtime differs depending on how long you fight and what means you use to travel around the city.

How Long And How Many Chapters And Side Missions Are There In Ghostwire: Tokyo

There are a total of 6 Chapters all arranged in the chronological order below and to complete it strictly, the time will range from 12-15 hours. In each chapter, there are a bunch of main story quests that need to be completed.

Ch-1: Beginnings

  1. The Vanishing
  2. City Of Shadows

Ch-2: Trouble

  1. KK
  2. Cleaning The Fog
  3. A Maze Of Death
  4. The Buried Life
  5. The Caves Of Steel

Ch-3: Connection

  1. Pillar Of Light
  2. Blindness
  3. Agony

Ch-4: Contortion

  1. Giants
  2. The Black Tower

Ch-5: Severance

  1. Family
  2. Tokyo Tower

Ch-6: Binding

  1. Mari
  2. Farewells

If you consider side missions and collectibles including the Spirit Fragments rescued, the time required to complete the game will rise up to 30-40+ hours easily. There is a total of 42 side missions which are fairly simple and straightforward. There are missions related to searching and finding animal such as Tanuki.

If you are enjoying and immersed in Tokyo’s haunting yet beautiful city image, then it is recommended to take it slow, explore the areas and soak in the visual graphics. For more guides on Ghostwire: Tokyo, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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