Core Keeper Tin Location Where To Find Tin Ore & Make Tin Bar

Core Keeper

Core Keeper is an adventure exploration co-op game developed by Pugstorm. In the forest, while touching a strange relic, you have been teleported to the underground. You need to find the core crystals to power up the core and for that, you need to do a lot of exploration.

The main resource that you will need at the start of the game is a copper bar. To get copper bars you need to find the shining light on the walls and dig them with a pickaxe to obtain copper ore. Then use the copper ore in smelting to obtain copper bars.

After crafting all the items using a copper bar, you need to craft the tin workbench. Crafting a tin workbench will unlock better crafting items. To craft a tin workbench you will require tin bars. Tin bars can be obtained by using tin ore in smelting.

Core Keeper Where To Find Tin Ore

No matter how many shiny objects you find in the walls at the beginning of the game, most of them will be copper ore. To find a lot of tin ores, you need to find “The Clay Cave“. You can tell you are already in the clay caves by looking at the color of the walls and floors on the map. If the color is orange, the next shining object you will find on the wall will be tin ore. Check out the above image to find the exact color of the ground.

The clay cave is mostly located on the south of the care. You need to make Wood bridges to reach the caves. There is a big insect that roams around the caves that you need to avoid. The ground will start shaking when he reaches near you. There will be a tunnel-like structure in the cave which is a pathway for the insect.

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