Gran Turismo 7- All Assist Settings Explained Completely

Gran Turismo 7

In Gran Turismo 7, the Assist Settings are quite helpful, and knowing how to use them specifically for each car is a blessing. These Assist settings are very impactful and noticeable which applied in the events or tracks will provide an immediate feel of the driving experience. We generally turn OFF all the settings and dive straight into the tracks to compete for Gold Trophy and game progression. After a certain point, we would be stuck for hours without any actual progression. So, these are the Assist settings that we want you to focus on and learn as their impact in-game is big.

All Assist Settings Explained Completely In Gran Turismo 7

There are a total of 11 Assist Settings that you can change or update before each race i.e. all mentioned below.

Gears: 2 Modes (Manual Transmission / Automatic Transmission)

It is self-explanatory whether to shift your gears manually or let the AI shift gears Automatically when the speed threshold reaches a maximum for the specific gears. It is recommended to keep it Manual.

Assist Preset Selection: 4 Modes (Custom / Beginner / Intermediate / Expert)

It is mainly an assist to suit your Skill Level, which will set the settings as recommended for Beginner / Intermediate / Expert / Custom. It will always be on Custom.

Traction Control: Value

This assist has a huge impact on the tracks as there are curves and corners where we take a hard turn. By default, the value is set 0 and as the value gets higher, the tires will spin less making it more controllable whenever we accelerate.

So, the way Traction Control works is when we use the brake to slow down and accelerate gradually after the turn, the car will spin as the friction between tires and road will be minimum. As we increase the Traction Control value to 1 and so on, you will notice an immediate change. The car will stick onto the path you take without any spinning or interference. The better sports car will need a higher value of Traction Control as their acceleration are top-notch. Keep changing the Traction Value for a better driving experience for each car as it is a game-changing feature.

ABS: 3 Modes (Off / Weak / Default)

It is an Anti-lock Braking System that will prevent tires from locking when you brake. It is an important feature of every car as it prevents slipping and lets you control the steering efficiently. If we turn Off the ABS, it will prove to be very difficult to control all the four wheels’ braking force. You can feel the difference if we go from Off or Weak to Default. The track record time is much better in Default as it is harder to not let your tires get locked to lose control. Therefore it is recommended to let ABS be on Default.

Auto-Drive: 3 Modes (Off / Brake / Brake & Steering)

It is highly recommended to set Auto-Drive Off to clear the track in the fastest time, you will have to be in control rather than letting AI assistance brakes to slow down during the corners.

Driving Line Assistance: 3 Modes (Corner Indicators / Driving Line / All)

It is recommended to select “All” to turn all the assistance ON. It is very helpful to know when to turn and which route to take for better corner-cutting. Which corner to enter and which corner to exit will be shown as a Yellow marker on the side of the track when approaching a turn i.e. due to the Corner Indicators. After a while when you get a hang of it, you can turn it off to get a better experience on the tracks.

Braking Indicator: 2 Modes (On / Off)

It will prompt or flash on the corner area where Brakes are needed to be applied to slow down your car for better turning.

Braking Area: 2 Modes (On / Off)

It will prompt multiple red lines on the road to warn you that corners are ahead. Slow down your car and it is an useful assistance. It is recommended to use it while competing in unfamiliar Tracks.

Replace Car After Leaving Track: 2 Modes (On / Off)

It is an useful assistance to have it ON as if you ever make mistake and leave the track, your car will reset back in the road track from where you can accelerate without losing much time or getting punished as it could have been if the assist was OFF.

Active Stability Management (ASM): 3 Modes (Off / Weak /Strong)

This assist is helpful if you are unable to control your car when it slips and let your car spin after applying the brake. The problem often arises when you are driving a new car and the performance is very different compared to the one you are used to. It is however recommended to turn it OFF when you get used to it.

Countersteering Assistance: 3 Modes (Off / Weak / Strong)

The assist will automatically solve the oversteering problem which is not much of an issue as we like to have control of the car when we steer and make a risky turn to shave off some time. It is recommended to turn it OFF.

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