Far Changing Tides Engine Puzzle & How To Cross Robot Pipe Block

far changing tides

Far Changing Tides is an atmospheric adventure game featuring a lone boy with his ship developed by Okomotive. As you keep on progressing in the game your ship will keep on upgrading. But with a better ship come harder challenges and puzzles that you need to solve in order to upgrade your ship.

The first puzzle you will encounter is with a train engine, you will also come across a robot-shaped blockade that you need to cross. Below you will find out what to do with the train engine and how to cross the robot shape block.

Far Changing Tides Engine Puzzle Solution

To solve the engine puzzle first you need to climb up the ladder to the engine. Then you need to use the bags to light up the fire to start the engine. Move the engine towards the right side completely attach to the railroad truck. Now move to engine completely towards the left side till you reach above your ship.

Now press the button on the railroad truck that you connected to put the power core in your ship. Now jump down onto the ship and climb onto the power core and push it down. This will upgrade your ship and now you will be able to fuel up your ship for more speed and power.

Far Changing Tides How To Cross Robot Pipe Block

To cross the robot structure with a huge pipe beneath you need to take your ship to the bottom. If you take your character and dive to the bottom it will be complete darkness. Taking your ship with you power up the nearby surrounding and the light turn on.

Now navigate your ship through the tunnel till you come into the open area. Now take your ship to the bottom again to power up the tunnel door and pass through the tunnel. Below you will find a crane that you need to use to transport the battery to the core.

The core will be in the middle you need to push the button to remove the damaged battery with the help of a crane and place the damaged battery on the left side. Then pick up the new battery and place it on the core. That will open up a pathway on the ceiling to your ship.

Now use the charge-up power of your ship by fueling and pumping it to the maximum that will power up the core and you will be out of the area.

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