Elden Ring How To Find D Brother & Wake Him Up

elden ringElden Ring is an open-world action role-playing soul game developed by FromSoftware Inc. Finding NPC can be a hard task and the game doesn’t show any marker on where to find an NPC to complete the quest. One such NPC you will come across in this game is called D in the roundtable hold and you need to find his brother. Below you will find the location of his brother and how to reach the area.

Elden Ring How To Get Twinned Armor

While completing the Fia questline, you will come across Rogier’s dead body. You can collect all items and with it, you will find a letter. The content of the letter is “I forgot to tell you, but it seems D has a younger brother. I heard he lies in a deep sleep in the aqueduct beside the Eternal City Of Nokron. And it’s said he stood before the Prince of Death not far beyond that spot.”

Now to complete the questline you won’t be needing to find D brother. But you will unlock an extra cutscene in Fia questline if you find the brother and give him the twinned armor of D.

If you keep on progressing the Fia questline, she will give you a weathered dagger, you need to give the dagger to D in the roundtable, and later you will find him dead. Upon ransacking his dead body you will find the twinned armor set.

Elden Ring Where To Find D Brother Location

To find D brother, you need to first defeat Radahn in the Redmane Castle. After defeating him a meteor will fall out of the sky and into Limgrave and you will find a way to the underground city Nokron. There you need to find the Aqueduct facing cliff as shown in the video above.

From the cliff, you need to jump down and reach the Sifora Aqueduct area. From there keep going straight till you find a small waterfall area and on the right-side balcony you will find the body of D’s brother. Interact with him to hand over the twinned armor.

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